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You’ve just finished onboarding as one of the newest members of the LOU Family! We realize there’s no way you can remember everything covered in onboarding, so we’ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions (FAQ) we get from clients in their first few weeks live on LOU.

Frequently Asked Questions
  1. How should I contact support when I have questions?
  2. How do I access my Merchant Account?
    • You should’ve received a handoff email from your Onboarding Specialist which contains your Merchant Account credentials. If you can’t find the information, please contact Support or your Onboarding Specialist.
  3. How do I run reports in my TSYS Merchant Account?
  4. What are some quick troubleshooting tips?
  5. How do I easily navigate LOU?
  6. How can I access and run reports in LOU?
  7. How do I clear my cache and cookies?
  8. Do you have month end reporting recommendations?
  9. How do I manage my users in LOU?
  10. How do I assign bundle access?
    • You assign bundle access to users through the Manage Users tile.
    • You can find information on what is included in each bundle here.
    • You can make changes to your plan or bundles, including a second way to assign bundle access to existing users, here.
  11.  How can I reset my Password?
  12.  Where can I get information on my billing for LOU?
  13.  How can I get started with LOU Integrations?
  14.  Do you have recommendations for using the QuickBooks Online integration?
  15.  How can I add my company logo to LOU?
  16.  How can I access my Company Details?
  17.  How do you create a sales order in LOU?
  18.  How do you create a work order in LOU?
  19. How can I train my team on how to use the PAX machine?

Get Started with the Retail Bundle in LOU
Here are a few articles that focus on features in the Retail bundle:

  1. How to Post a Sales Transaction on PAX
  2. How to Manage and Create Customers in LOU
  3. How to Configure the PAX Cash Drawer
  4. How to Sync LOU Retail POS to LOU Web from your PAX POS Station
  5. How to Update LOU Retail POS on PAX
  6. How to Access Session Transactions on LOU Retail POS
  7. How to Access POS Station Management

Get Started with the Service Bundle in LOU
Here are a few articles that focus on features in the Service bundle:

  1. How to Use the Schedule Dashboard
  2.  How to Access My Day
  3. How to Access My Tomorrow
  4. Service: Door Hangers
  5. How to Take Payments in the Field
  6. How to Create Schedule Divisions

Get Started with Marketing in LOU
There are several Marketing features in LOU which can be used separately or together to create a robust marketing strategy for your business. Check out this handy guide to get started:

How to Get Started with Marketing

Get Additional Training and/or Help in LOU
You can always send our Support Team an email at support@evosus.com or give them a call at 360-735-9520 ext 2.