Release Notes for LOU38

Release Notes for LOU38 - LOU® - Powered by Evosus

Release Date: March 16, 2022

Do you even LOU, bruh?!

New Features
  • Water Test Results on Customer Profile: We’ve added a tile to the Customer Profile that allows you to see Water Test Results entered through the LOU Schedule companion app. This tile will not appear on the Customer Profile until there are Water Test Results to view.
  • Customer Portal – Communication Preferences: Your Customers can update their communication preferences right from their Customer Portal!

Feature Changes and Enhancements
  • Stock Adjustments and Stock Transfer Improvements: We updated the Stock Adjustment and Stock Transfer pages in line with LOU standards for performance and functionality, as well as to provide ease of use and consistency of display.
  • Multiple Phone Number and Email Support for Additional Contacts: You are now able to add up to five (5) phone numbers and five (5) emails per Contact listed on a Customer Profile in the Contacts Tile.
  • Inventory Search on Documents: In a Document Profile, when you click the magnifying glass to search for SKUs in the SKU box, you now have options for how to search for the SKU you’re looking for. You can choose to search by Phrase, Any Words, and All Words.  

Bug Fixes
  • Discounts Missing from Invoice Profile: We corrected an issue that caused Discounts entered through POS transactions were not displaying as line items correctly on the Invoice Profile when viewed in LOU Web.
  • Update Customer – Email Validation: We corrected an issue that caused a blank Email Address to prevent you from saving a Customer Profile update. Email Address is not a required field and should not prevent saving changes.
  • Pending Work Orders – Search Page Total: We corrected an issue where the Work Order Total was not correctly calculating and displaying when initially navigating to the Work Order Search page.
  • Quick Access Menu Options: We corrected an issue where the verbiage used in the Cozy and Compact versions of the Quick Access menu did not match.
  • Manufacturers – Website Field Validation: We corrected an issue that allowed incorrect website formatting to be entered on the Website Field of the Manufacturer Create page.
  • Printing – Documents Not Printing without Updating First: We corrected an issue that prevented documents from being printed when Deposits were not present.
  • Deposit Payment Error: We corrected an issue where the Summary was not appearing on the Payment Deposits Page, causing an error when attempting to apply a Deposit to an Order.
  • SKU Vendor Create – Validation for Required Fields: We corrected an error that prevented required fields from being corrected validated when creating a new SKU Vendor.
  • Customer Search – Legacy Customer ID: We corrected an issue that prevented the Legacy Customer ID (when it exists) from being searchable in the Customer Search.