Release Notes for LOU31

Release Date: August 4, 2021

WHOA! Did you see that amazing reverse 4 ½ somersault?! GO TEAM LOU!

New Features

We’re hard at work on some great, new features. Stay tuned!

Feature Changes and Enhancements
  • Purchase Orders – Search Page: We’ve improved the speed and performance of the Purchase Order Search Pages. We’ve added the More Options buttons and brought the overall look and performance of the Search Page in line with other searches throughout LOU.
  • Kit Questions : We improved the UI on the Kit Question selection dropdown to make the display longer so the question can be read easier. We also made improvements to the UI when building a Kit with Kit Questions.
  • Stock Adjustments/Transfers Reports : We made some improvements behind the scenes to add additional useful information to Stock Adjustment and Transfer reports.  

Bug Fixes
  • UAG Integration: We corrected an issue that caused the UAG integration not to work.
    • IMPORTANT! If you turned off the integration, you can turn it back on. Contact Support if you need assistance. 
  • Schedule Tasks Overbook Alerts: We corrected an issue that caused the overbook warning not to refresh after rescheduling a task.
  • Duplicate Document IDs: We corrected an issue that allowed two work orders to be created at the same time with the same Document ID. This is a retro fix, meaning it will correct any existing work orders in addition to preventing this from happening again.
  • LOU Search Screens on iOS: We corrected an issue that caused all the new Search Pages not to load on iOS.
  • SKU Imports: We corrected an issue that caused incorrect SKU Category assignments through imports.
  • Map My Day: We corrected an issue where the Tool Tip Box appeared over the location of a user’s final task in map view.
  • My Day: We corrected a small grammatical error on the My Day Sort Tasks pop-up.