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How to Post a Refund Payment - LOU™ - Powered by Evosus

Posting Payments is a big part of business and a big part of LOU. We’ve all had situations where we’ve had to return something as a consumer or accept a return as a business. The process for Posting a Refund is like Posting a Payment .

If you’re looking for information on voiding (deleting/cancelling) a payment instead of process a refund, check this out. Voiding a Payment is appropriate when you want to completely undo the Payment and delete the record. Voiding is handy when you made a mistake. On the other hand, a Refund leaves the original Payment record and creates a new record indicating the Payment was reversed. This is appropriate when the original Payment was valid, but there’s a reason to refund it.

IMPORTANT! In order to process a Refund, you must have a Pending Return Invoice. See Sales Orders  and Work Orders for information about creating Return Sales Orders and Work Orders which will create the Return Invoice. Exception to this: refunding an On Account Balance

Go to Payments

  1. Click   to create a new Payment.
  2. Select Refund as the Payment Category
  1. Enter the appropriate information as you would for any other Payment. Customer, POS Station, Amount, Refund Payment Type.
  2. Enter an optional Comment.
  3. You should see the Return Invoice in the Refunds box with the Payment Applied.
  1. Once you’ve entered the information, you can click or  to complete the Refund.

Your Return Invoice should be updated to a Complete Status and Read Only. You can verify by going to Invoices and filtering by status for Complete.