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Marketing is a big part of being in business. How do you draw customers to your business? How do you make your products and services stand out from others? LOU wants to help you with some built-in marketing tools that we think will take your marketing to the next level! We know everyone has unique ways to run their business, so we’ve made the marketing tools versatile and easy to get started.

Starting with a brand new set of features as robust as the Marketing features can feel like a daunting task. Most of the Marketing features are preconfigured with defaults to help you get started quickly. As you carry out marketing tasks and determine your business needs, you can update and add to these features to better customize your processes.

The Marketing features all work together to create a robust Customer Relationship Management (CRM) function in LOU. They are not linear, and you do not have to utilize every aspect of the Marketing tools we’ve provided.

This guide isn’t meant to tell you what marketing to use, or how to market. Instead, this guide is meant to help you navigate the marketing features in LOU so you can better determine which features are best for your business.


Let’s start with the Setup tasks. As mentioned above, most of these are preconfigured, but you should take a look and familiarize yourself with them. If you see something missing that you already know you need, you can create them now.

Go to Product Setup / Marketing


These are the Marketing Setup Task currently in LOU. We’ve set up most of these with defaults for you. However, we recommend familiarizing yourself with these tiles, starting from left and working your way right. As you review each tile, feel free to add and personalize items to suit your business needs. There are two tiles in which you need to spend time creating items because we are not able to default them for you. Those tiles are Opportunity Interests and Drip Campaign Task Types. Here are links to the knowledge base articles that will go into detail on each of these tiles:

Main LOU Dashboard
There are two Marketing-related tiles on the main dashboard. Marketing Calendar, which tracks your efforts, and Opportunities, which are your leads. These two tiles are the only Marketing features accessible by non-Admin users at this time.

REMEMBER! Depending on the size of your monitor and your browser zoom, the exact placement of these tiles may vary from the screenshot.  


If you are using Drip Campaigns, you will also need to familiarize yourself with Personnel Tasks. These are accessed via the task icon in the upper right corner of LOU. This menu is available regardless of what page you’re on in LOU.


The remaining Marketing tools are in the Operations Tile.

Operations Tile
The rest of the Marketing features live in the Operations tile and are accessible only to admins. The tiles in this menu coincide with the tiles in Setup.


Here are the links to knowledge base articles that will go into detail about each tile:

Features Work Together
These Marketing Features are meant to be used together, but the path is not linear. As best we can, let’s look at how features are intertwined.
  • Marketing Calendar: The Marketing Calendar displays Efforts which have an active Effort Schedule.
  • Opportunities: To create an Opportunity, you must specify the Effort that lead to the Opportunity. Opportunities are where you would enroll Customers in Drip Campaigns. Drip Campaigns are not required for an Opportunity. Opportunities appear on Document Profiles, in the Marketing box.
  • Effort Tracking: Once you create the Efforts in Effort Tracking, you can create a Schedule for them in Effort Schedules. These Scheduled Efforts will appear on the Marketing Calendar.
  • Effort Schedule: As above, Effort Schedule is where you create a Schedule for the Efforts created in Effort Tracking. This Schedule is what appears on the Marketing Calendar.
  • Drip Campaign: Drip Campaigns are only enrolled through Opportunities. The Drip Campaign Tasks appear in Personnel Tasks. Drip Campaigns appear on Document Profiles, in the Marketing box.
  • Drip Campaign Enrollments: This is a view-only page that allows you to view enrollments like a report. You can also view Drip Campaign Task Schedules.