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How to Access and Manage Invoices - LOU™ - Powered by Evosus

Invoices are an important component of the billing process in LOU.

After you create a Sales Order or a Work Order, Invoices are the next step in the process for completing a transaction.

Go to Invoices

Once you’ve invoiced the Sales Orders and Work Orders, those Invoices will appear here, on the Invoice page. You can use the buttons across the top to filter to specific Invoices, including Pending, Completed POS (those invoices completed on a PAX machine), Completed Sales (those attached to Sales Orders), Completed Work (those attached to Work Orders), Completed All, and Void. The default view when you first enter the Invoice screen is Pending Invoices.

IMPORTANT! LOU limits the screen view to five days of invoices, only. This is to prevent performance declines when loading pages with thousands of invoices. You can use the keyword search to find any invoice in any category, including those outside five days, or you can run an Invoice Report to see more than five days at a glance.

Actions Link
You can access the Invoice Profile, Customer Profile, Order Profile, Make a Payment, or Message the Customer.

Invoice Profile
The Invoice Profile brings you to the individual Invoice page where you can make certain changes to the Invoice which can affect the Sales or Work Order associated with it. However, once an Order has been invoiced, you are unable to add or subtract SKUs or update the Customer information such as Bill To and Ship To addresses. You can make the following updates/changes to an Invoice:
  • View History and Print the Invoice
  • Email or Text the Invoice to your customer
  • Apply an Outcome: post a Payment, Apply a Payment, or Void a Payment.
  • Update the Profile information
    • The Invoice Date can be updated to any date between the Order Creation Date and Today. Use this option with extreme caution because it will not change your financial postings. Post Dates will remain the original Invoice Date. Best practice is to select the correct Invoice Date during Invoice creation rather than after the fact to ensure dates match.

Payment takes you to Payments to process a payment on the Invoice.

You can view Payments that have been applied to this Invoice and Unapply them if necessary.

Finally, the Void link allows you to quickly Void the Invoice.

If you are voiding an Invoice that has already been completed and the Payment was already received, the Payment will be unapplied and sit on the Customer’s Account as an On Account Payment. The Payment will appear in Unapplied Payments, in the Payment Search as an On Account Unapplied Payment, and on the Customer Profile as a credit/On Account amount.