Release Notes for LOU35

Release Date: January 12, 2022

New Year, New LOU!

New Features
  • Estimate Taxes: In preparation for an exciting integration with Avalara (Avatax coming soon!), we have updated the process for estimating taxes on Estimates and Orders in line with industry standards. A new "Estimate Taxes" link appears on Estimates and Orders to allow you to control when taxes are estimated and displayed. This change will provide important cost-saving measures when using the Avalara integration.
  • Special Order Items: We’ve added a new SKU Type for Special Order Items! These are items that your Customers order in varying customizable configurations. Rather than create a SKU for every possible configuration, LOU gives you the ability to create a Special Order Item SKU on which you can select customizations to meet your Customers’ needs!
  • Inventory Replenishment: Easily manage your Inventory with Inventory Replenishment tools to ensure you have proper QOH across all your Stock Sites!
  • Automatic Card on File Expiration Update Option: Save time by signing up for EnsureBill. This feature automatically updates the expiration dates on your Customers’ Cards on File. Contact for additional information and to sign up!

Feature Changes and Enhancements
  • Updated Main Dashboard and Submenus: We updated the Main LOU Dashboard and the Operations and Setup submenus! Don’t worry, though! Most functionality has not been lost.
  • Serialized SKU Behavior Updates: We updated and corrected the behavior of Serialized SKU Types. Serial Numbers can only be added to one document and to one SKU line item on the document. Serialized SKUs can be added to multiple documents and in multiple quantities on a single document without the Serial Number assigned.

Bug Fixes
  • Work Order Schedule Date Time zone: We correct some issues related to time zones and Scheduling. Tasks will appear with the correct time.
  • Duplicate Purchase Order Receipts: We corrected an issue where duplicate Purchase Order Receipts were being created.
  • Customer Search – Customer Type Dropdown: We corrected an issue with searching Customer Types.
  • Broken Serial Numbers and an Inaccurate Quantity: We corrected an issue where Serial Numbers were not behaving correctly on the FIFO Log and quantities were incorrect.
  • Universal Messaging – First User in the Database Added to Thread: We corrected an issue that caused the first user in the database to be added to message threads.
  • Cancelled Payments Posting to GL: We corrected an issue that caused cancelled credit card transactions to not to be deleted and removed.
  • Serial Numbers Not Showing as Reserved: Changed Serialized SKUs so that the Serial Number will correctly disappear from the selection dropdown when it is already on another pending Order.
  • Text Auto-deleting passed 50 Characters: We corrected an issue with some text entry fields where characters were deleted unexpectedly when entering too many characters too quickly.
  • Product Setup – Stock Sites and Bins: We corrected an issue that prevented Stock Sites from displaying appropriately in Product Setup / Stock Sites and Bins.
  • Drip Campaigns: We corrected an issue where the Drip Campaigns were not displaying correctly. We also corrected an issue that prevented you from searching Drip Campaigns.
  • Customer Profile – Order Search – Customer Filter Persists: We corrected an issue where the Customer filter was remaining after returning to the Customer List from a filtered Customer Order Search.
  • Chart of Account Update: We corrected an issue that incorrectly allowed you to update the Type when updating an existing GL Account.
  • Group Security – Customer Portal Unable to Make a Payment: We corrected an issue that prevented Customers from processing payments on the Customer Statement/Portal due to Group Security permissions for users.
  • Document Printing – SKU Terms & Conditions Not Appearing on Documents: We corrected an issue that caused SKU Terms & Conditions only to appear on printed documents when the General Terms & Conditions were configured and added for that Document Type. SKU T&C will appear regardless of the General T&C settings when that SKU is present on the document.