How to Use the Marketing Calendar- LOU® - Powered by Evosus

With a robust marketing strategy in place, you need a place to see your efforts at a glance. That’s where LOU’s Marketing Calendar comes in!

WAIT! The Marketing Calendar is populated with events created through Effort Tracking and Effort Schedule. Before you can see anything populated on the calendar, you need to create and configure those Efforts. Jump over to these topics if you haven’t configured things already :


Go to Marketing Calendar


When you arrive at the Marketing Calendar page, it will show you the Current Month. You can use the dropdowns to select a different Month or Year. You can also search for specific Efforts using the search field.

You can see the Description for each Effort by clicking the question mark   in the Effort’s box. A box will pop up, providing the Marketing Effort Schedule View.


Click Close to return to the Marketing Calendar. You can click the 3 vertical dots on a Marketing Effort to select either Update or View Description.


Click   to Create New Marketing Effort or Add New Schedule to Existing Marketing Effort right from this tile.