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User Management in LOU occurs in a few different places. In addition to Manage Users, check these out:
Before creating profiles and assigning job titles for users, you must enter them in the system. That’s where Manage Users comes in. The Manage Users screen will allow to invite new users, make them administrators, reset passwords, reset POS PIN, and Assign Bundle Access.

IMPORTANT! Everyone who is going to access LOU Web or LOU Retail POS must have their own username and password. You must not share logins as this is not secure and can cause problems with data in the system, including overwriting each other and not saving changes, when logged in on multiple devices. For proper tracking and auditing, every user should have their own unique username and password. If you are going to share PAX machines, each user must completely log out before another user logs in. You should not share user access with anyone. Each user should only be logged into one app on one device, and ONE tab, at a time. If you need to log into LOU Retail POS, you should be logged completely out of LOU Web and vice versa. If you are logged into LOU Schedule, you should not be logged into LOU Web or LOU Retail POS as well. 

Go to LOU Account / Manage Users

Invite New Users
  1. To invite a new user, click 
  2. Enter an email address. The system will send out an email invite.
You can send multiple invitations at once by clicking and continuing to add email addresses.
  1. Click once you’ve entered the email address(es) to which you want to send an invitation.

REMEMBER! User invites expire after 72 hours. Make sure you invite users when they’re ready to accept the invite from a computer. Invites should not be accepted from mobile devices. Users must accept invites on a machine that is not currently logged into LOU.

Make a User an Administrator
To make a user an administrator, locate the user and check the box for Is Administrator. Likewise, unchecking the box for Is Administrator will remove administrator permissions.

Reset User Passwords
You cannot see your users' passwords. You can force them to reset the password by finding the user and clicking the Force Reset link next to the user's name. The user will be forced to reset their password the next time they log in.

Reset User POS PINs
You cannot see your users’ POS PINs, but you can reset the PIN by clicking the Reset link next to the user’s name. The user will be forced to reset their PIN next time they log into the POS Station.

Assign Bundle Access
You can grant users access to bundled services by clicking the Assign Bundle Access link.

The link will take you to Assign Bundle Access. You can click Active/Inactive under the column for the bundled service you want to deactivate or activate for the user. 

When you deactivate a feature, that user will not be able to access that bundled service in LOU.

Delete a User
You cannot delete a user. However, you can deactivate a user by unchecking the box under Active next to the User’s name.