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Forgot Password

We’ve all been there. You know you’re entering the correct password, but you get that “The username or password you entered is incorrect” message. You need to reset your password.


When you can’t remember your password, click the Forgot Password? link to open options for resetting your password and signing in.

IMPORTANT! If you try to log in with the wrong password, after 20 failed attempts your account will be locked out for 60 minutes before you can try to log in again. We recommend using the steps below to reset your password after a couple failed attempts so that doesn’t happen.


  1. Reset your password: Most of the time, this is the correct action to take. This will send a validation code to your email. Enter the validation code in LOU and proceed to resetting your password.
  2. Sign in with another method: You can skip changing your password by choosing to use another method to sign in. You will still need to reset your password before signing in with your Email and Password again.
    1. Continue with Google: If the email address you use to sign in with LOU is a Google account, you can use this method to sign in.
    2. Email link: LOU will email that email address a “magic link” that will allow you to sign in without a password. Best Practice is not to rely on this method daily. This should not be used as your primary sign-in method.
    3. Email code: LOU will email you a validation code allowing you to sign in without a Password. Best Practice is not to rely on this method daily. This should not be used as your primary sign-in method.

Password Requirements: All passwords must be a minimum of 8 characters with at least one uppercase letter and one number. You should never use full words as your password. Do not use the word Password or any variation such as Pa55word, Passw0rd, etc. Do not use your company name, Evosus, or LOU in your password. Do not share logins or passwords with others. You can find tips on creating a strong password here.[1]


Force Reset

Admins can go to Setup / Configuration / Manage Users and click Force Reset for a user. This does not reset the password prior to the user signing in. The Force Reset feature is intended to be used to remind/enforce a user to change their password.

When you click Force Reset, the user must successfully log into LOU with their current password and then LOU will prompt them to reset their password. This feature should not be used when a user cannot remember their password to sign in.


[1] This website is a public site and is not affiliated with LOU™ or Evosus. It is intended for reference only.