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How to Set Up LOU Retail POS Hardware for Windows


The days of needing a separate “cash register” and computer are gone! With LOU Retail POS for Windows, you can do it all on one machine.


To properly run LOU Retail POS for Windows, the following hardware can be purchased on the LOU Store:

    • PAX Aries 8 Payment Terminal with stand (recommended)
      or PAX S920 Payment Terminal
    • Star Micronics TSP100 Printer
    • Windows PC (with a minimum of 16gb RAM)
    • Monitor (touchscreen highly recommended)
    • Keyboard/mouse
    • Cash Drawer
    • Scanner (optional)

LOU Retail POS for Windows requires Windows 11 Pro 64-bit or higher. It will not run optimally on older versions of Windows. You can find out additional System Recommendations here.

Key Steps:

  1. Schedule your appointment with Evosus Financial Services
  2. Gather Terminal Key and WiFi password information
  3. Set up your hardware
  4. Download LOU Retail POS for Windows from the Microsoft Store
  5. Download the printer drivers
  6. Log into LOU Web
  7. Activate LOU Retail POS


WAIT! Before you get started, you need to make sure you have a few pieces of info.

  1. Merchant Account must be active
  2. You must be live on LOU
  3. Have your Merchant Center password handy (contact Evosus Financial Services at efs@evosus.com for guidance if you don't have that information.)
  4. Have your WiFi password


 Set Up Hardware

The first step is to set up your new hardware.


The following setup pieces will be discussed during your LOU Retail POS for Windows Go-Live Call. 


Download the LOU Retail POS App

You must go to the Microsoft Store and download the LOU Retail POS app to your Windows PC.

  1. Go to the Microsoft App Store
  2. Search LOU Retail POS
  3. Click LOU Retail POS
  4. Click Install

Download the Star Printer TSP100 Device Drivers

You can download the appropriate device driver here.


Activate LOU Retail POS on LOU Web

Follow the instructions in How to Activate and Manage LOU Retail POS