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There are two product plans available in LOU. You can choose the Pro Plan or the Enterprise Plan.
LOU currently has three bundle. Foundation, Retail, and Service. Everyone gets Foundation. When you purchase LOU, you must choose at least one additional Bundle: Retail or Service.

The various features and functions in LOU are divvied up among these three bundles.

Foundation is the core of LOU. This bundle is not optional and includes a lot of important features! Foundation includes:
  • Customers: View, Add, and Manage
  • Estimates: View and Update (NOT Add)
  • Sales Orders: View and Update (NOT Add)
  • Work Orders: View, Add, and Update
  • Schedule: View (NOT Add or Update)
  • Invoice: You can invoice any order and manage Invoices
  • Payments: View, Add, and Update
  • Inventory: View, Add, and Update
  • Vendors: View, Add, and Update
  • Purchase Orders: View, Add, Update, Receive
    • Currently, communicating the PO to the vendor is out-of-LOU process. POs in LOU are for tracking and inventory management only.
    • Exception: The Pool360 and Carecraft Integrations allow you to send POs electronically.
  • Accounting
  • Product Setup (Except Retail and Service)
  • Reports

The Retail bundle adds features and functions specific to retail segments of business. These include:
  • Estimates: Add and Promote to Sales Order
  • Sales Orders: Add
  • Schedule: Add and Update when linked to Sales Order
  • POS: Login and Management
  • Product Setup: POS Station Management
  • Recurring Orders: Add

The Service bundle adds features and functions specific to service segments of business. These include:
  • Estimates: Add and Promote to Work Order
  • Schedule: Add and Update when linked to Work Orders
  • Work Orders: Outcomes, Add, and Update
  • Product Setup: Service
  • Recurring Orders: Add
  • LOU Schedule companion mobile app (free)

Paid User Licenses
When you sign up for LOU, you can determine the number of employees you want to access LOU. Everyone you add to LOU gets a free Foundation license. Each user who will need to access the additional bundle(s) you activated must have a Paid User License for each bundle they access.
REMEMBER! You cannot have a LOU company with just the Foundation bundle. At least one additional bundle must be active and the Owner must have a Paid User License for each additional active bundle. LOU will not permit the Owner to be removed from an active bundle. You are not required to grant bundle access (add Paid Licenses) to any other user. However, only users with Paid Licenses for Retail or Service can access those features and areas of LOU.

Licenses are seasonal. You can add or remove licenses according to your business need monthly. At the end of the month, LOU will bill your licenses according to the highest number of licenses in the previous 30 days. Add more licenses during your busy months and reduce your licenses down in your slower months!

PRO: Limit 10

NOTE! Access to bundles is not the same as admin vs non-admin user permissions. Bundle access is separate. 

User Permissions in LOU
Right now, we just have two levels of permissions: Admin and non-Admin. Admins have three additional tiles that non-Admins cannot access. What a user can see in each tile depends on the Bundles above.

REMEMBER! Admin tiles are hidden from non-admin users.


In addition to determining Admin/non-admin user access, you can create Group Security for your non-admin users.