Release Notes for LOU51

Release Date: February 22 2023

I think we’re gonna need a bigger LOU.

New Features
  • LOU Accounting (Beta) : Fully integrated Accounts Receivable and Payable suite of accounting features. This release is available to new Enterprise clients currently in onboarding. For our Enterprise clients who are already live on LOU interested in making the switch, there is some additional setup required and timing is everything! Our recommendation is to switch over at the beginning of a month to keep financials clean. We encourage you to wait to make the switch after the busy season, when you can spend time on setup. Contact Support for details.
  • Save & Add: You can create multiple Customers, SKUs, REOs, Schedule Tasks, Documents, Stock Transfers, Stock Adjustments, Payments, and Expenses quickly by entering information and clicking Save & Add to save time. REMEMBER! This feature does not replace the existing Imports available for quickly adding multiple Customers and SKUs.

Feature Changes and Enhancements
  • Inventory Search Redesign: The Inventory Search page has been redesigned for performance and overall functionality. All the same information is available, it’s just laid out differently.
  • Purchase Orders – Email and PDF Attachments: POs can be emailed to the Vendor if the Vendor has an email set up in the Sales Contact. This email will include a PDF attachment of the PO as well.
  • Physical Count – Processing Message: The confirmation message when creating a Physical Count has been clarified to read “Are you sure you want to start a physical count for this stock site? It is estimated ## SKUs will be included in this count. The actual number may vary once the count is created.

Bug Fixes
  • Discount Applied to Payment Does not Reduce AR: We corrected an issue that prevented discounts applied to Payments from reducing the AR Balance appropriately.
  • Customer Message Contains URL with Null: We corrected an issue that caused some Customers to receive empty URL links when you send emails or texts.
  • SKU Tracked as Equipment – Customer Profile: We corrected an issue that caused SKUs tracked as Equipment not to be correctly removed from the Customer Profile when the Invoice is voided.
  • Water Tests Pulling from Multiple Databases: We corrected an issue that caused some Water Tests to display information from other LOU companies.
  • Warehouse Tile – Inventory Replenishment: We corrected an issue that caused badges to show incorrect numbers on the SKUs Reserved Not Available.
  • Water Test Dosages Billing: We corrected an issue that caused dosages from Water Tests to be billed on a Recurring Order when they are marked as Do Not Bill.
  • Hidden Kit SKU lines: We corrected an issue that caused hidden Kit SKU lines and prices to appear on Customer-facing documents.
  • Admin Users mentioned on outgoing messages: We corrected an issue that caused Admin Users to be mentioned in all outgoing messages even when they weren’t mentioned.
  • Purchase Receipts – Long Descriptions: We corrected an issue that caused long SKU descriptions to run off the document instead of being truncated.
  • Completed Invoices in Pending Queue: We corrected an issue that caused an Invoice to stay on the Pending tab after being Completed.
  • Kit SKU Price on LOU Retail POS: We corrected an issue that caused Kit SKU prices to display incorrectly on LOU Retail POS.
  • LOU Web Payment On File – Payments Not Completely Correctly: We corrected an issue that caused Confirmation Messages to appear, indicating the balance is updated, without charging the Card on File appropriately.
  • Kit SKU Fixed Price: We corrected an issue that caused Kit SKUs with a fixed price of $0.00 not to display the price appropriately when added to an Order.