Release Notes for LOU21

Release Date: November 17, 2020

It’s LOUviosa, not leviosa!

New Features
  • Purchase Order Search: We’ve added a search to POs for Pending Backorders.
  • Document Profile Search: We’ve added the ability to search for POs from a Document Profile.
  • POS Completed Transactions: We’ve changed the way LOU Retail POS transactions are stored on the PAX machine to prevent data loss when LOU Retail POS is unable to communicate with LOU Web and the app crashes or is forced closed.
  • Marketing Efforts: We have added a new feature called Marketing Efforts. Marketing in LOU will allow you to create and manage marketing efforts (opportunities) for your company right from LOU.
  • Marketing Calendar: This allows you to enter Marketing Efforts on the calendar so your company can have visibility on what’s happening and to attract leads and sales to the company.

Feature Changes and Enhancements
  • PAX LOU Retail POS Closing Receipts: We’ve improved the LOU Retail POS closing receipts to properly display transactions and payment information.
  • Inventory SKU Counts: We’ve added improved tracking of SKU counts through Stock Sites and Bins in order to provide SKU Count Reporting.
  • Partial Invoices: When partially invoicing an Order, you are now able to add Notes/Comments specific to that partial invoice.
  • Partial Invoices: We’ve improved the way you create Partial Invoices. Instead of taking you to a separate page, the process is now a modal (pop-up) that allows you to create the Partial Invoice without losing your place in the Order.
  • Spreadsheet Import Retries: We’ve limited Import retries to 2 attempts. If LOU is unable to get the file to import after 2 attempts, it will not remain in Validating status, continuing to try. It will Fail and LOU will stop attempting to upload the data.
  • Document Search: We’ve created a small enhancement to the Document Search screen. When you select Invoice from the Actions menu, you will receive a Confirmation Message ensuring you want to Invoice the Order.
  • Payments: When you create a Payment from the Customer Profile, it will now default that Customer on the Payment Create page instead of asking you to select the Customer.
  • Payment Search: We made improvements to the Payment Search Filters to allow for faster Date Range resets.
  • Reports: We’ve made improvements to reporting to allow for better performance and manageability. Reports are capped at 10,000 rows of data. If your report contains more than 10,000 rows of data, you will see the following message:
    • “This report just exceeded the maximum 10,000 number of rows allowed for a single report and the results may be incomplete. Suggestion, refine your report filter criteria to reduce the amount of rows that are in this report.”
  • Document Printing: We’ve improved the way documents are printed to better handle Logos. This impacts the following Documents:
    • Estimate Document
    • Sales Order Document
    • Work Order Document
    • Packing Slip Document
    • Invoice Document
    • POS receipt Web View
    • Purchase Order Document
  • Recurring Order Page: In line with LOU verbiage, we’ve updated the Recurring Order Update action to say ‘Recurring Order Profile’. This does not change the functionality of the action.
  • PoolCorp Catalog Download: We’ve increased the number of Pool360 SKUs that can be downloaded at a time. You can now have batch sizes close to 1000 for new SKUs.
  • PoolCorp Price Update: We’ve made improvements to the way Prices display on the Pool360 Price Update page. The Price Updates better match the Pool360 website.
  • Document Page: In line with LOU verbiage, we’ve updated the wording on the Document Update page to reflect ‘Document Profile’.
  • Go Live Loading Bar: This is for Onboarding Customers/ We made the loading bar much larger, and more obvious, after you click the “Go Live” button to make it more obvious something is happening.
  • Purchase Orders: We’ve improved Purchase Receipts (these are not Customer Receipts. These are the receipts for your POs) to include the Selling UOM, Selling Conversion Factor, and Selling Quantity in addition to the Purchase Quantity and Purchase UOM.
  • Estimate Promotion: We have improved the Estimate Promotion process to allow you to select the Document Type when the Order is created from the Estimate.

Bug Fixes
  • POS Default Customer: We corrected an issue that caused the Default Customer not to display on a POS Station correctly. We also corrected a related issue that prevented you from being able to update the Default Customer in POS Station Management.
  • Trade SKU Taxes: We corrected an issue which prevented Trade SKUs from calculating Sales Tax appropriately. REMEMBER! In order to reduce the Sales Tax to the Discount price, the Trade SKU must be taxable.
  • LOU Retail POS Payment Failures: We corrected an issue when a card is declined on a LOU Retail POS transaction, it was still appearing as a Payment Type on the Invoice found in LOU Web.
  • Recurring Orders: We corrected an issue where the Total on an REO was incorrect if there was a mix of Taxable and Non-taxable SKUs on the Order.
  • LOU Retail POS Convert to Order: We corrected an issue that prevented the Department from correctly updating in LOU Web when a transaction was converted to an Order and the Department changed in LOU Retail POS.
  • Recurring Order Tax Details: We corrected an issue that prevented the Tax Details info box from populating on REOs.
  • LOU Retail POS Cash Transaction Details: We corrected an issue where the tendered and change amounts on a cash transaction through LOU Retail POS were not displaying correctly on the Invoice in LOU Web.
  • Purchase Order Waitlist: We corrected an issue that limited the characters you could enter in the Customer Waitlist on a PO. This was preventing you from being able to add multiple Customers.
  • Subtotals on Printed Invoices: We corrected an issue where the subtotal line added to an Order was appearing in the wrong place on the Invoice once invoiced and printed.
  • Purchase Order Receiving Inventory: We corrected an issue where receiving inventory on a PO was displaying the incorrect On Order counts.
  • Department Tax Codes: We corrected an issue where Department Tax Codes were not correctly updating on an Order when changing the Department for the Order. This only occurs when the Departments have different default Tax Codes.
  • LOU Retail POS Taxes: We corrected an issue where LOU Retail POS was still calculating Sales Tax on an Exempt SKU Type. The Tax Nexus settings were not being respected on LOU Retail POS.
  • Payments: We corrected an issue where cancelling a Credit Card Payment on the Payment screen caused the screen to lock up and still calculate the payment as received once refreshed.
  • Payment End Process: We corrected an issue where a Payment was still applying to an Invoice even though the Payment was cancelled before processing was complete.
  • Non-taxable SKUs: We corrected an issue where Non-taxable SKUs added to a Sales Document were not generating on the Subtotal bar and the Document total was remaining $0.00.