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How to View Stops in LOU Schedule - LOU® - Powered by Evosus

One of the important features of LOU Schedule is the ability for service techs to see a map view of their stops for the day.

WAIT! Make sure you have already activate LOU Schedule on your Mobile Device.

Open your LOU Schedule mobile app on your mobile device.

Enter your PIN. This will take you to the Main screen. The view will default to the Task tab and Today.

Right now, we’re interested in the tab next to Tasks, Stops.



This tab connects with your device’s default map app to show you a map view of all your stops for the day in relation to where you are.

  1. Pins and a truck will appear on the map. Your location is the truck and the Pins are your Tasks.
  2. You can filter the view for In Progress & Pending or Completed.     
  3. You can filter for Today Only or Today and Tomorrow.