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We’ve all seen the fine print on a website or document. Terms and Conditions are the legal agreements between a service provider and a customer. Terms and Conditions are a hugely important part of many businesses. We know they’re important to you as well.

LOU makes creating and managing Terms and Conditions easy!

You can create individual Terms and Conditions for each Document Type, Payment Terms, and even individual SKUs! You can also create Terms and Conditions that apply to all Documents.


REMEMBER! Terms and Conditions are for LOU Web documents only. LOU Retail POS receipts will not have these Terms and Conditions printed on them.

Go to Product Setup / Sales / Terms and Conditions

Use these links to jump to a specific section:


Terms and Conditions for Documents

All your existing Terms and Conditions will be listed here. To create a new Terms and Conditions, click the  button.

Determine if you want these Terms and Conditions to be printed on all Document Types or a Specific Document Type. The Terms and Conditions will be printed on physical documents as well as included on the Customer-facing electronic document links.

Once you’ve determined what Documents should include these Terms and Conditions, you can write up your Terms and Conditions in the space provided. You can paste text from another source into the box and you can include links.

REMEMBER! Links will not function on documents physically printed. You can format the Terms and Conditions by highlighting text to reveal a standard word processor format tool bar.

Once you have created the text you would like to include, click Create to save your Terms and Conditions.

TIP! If you need Terms and Conditions to appear on multiple Document Types, but not All Document Types, you will need to make a separate Terms and Conditions for each Document Type. Copy/paste will make quicker work of creating each line item.

Terms and Conditions Document View
These new Terms and Conditions will now be included at the bottom of all Documents with the Document Type you indicated in the Terms and Conditions window.

REMEMBER! Rich Text and formatting will not appear on the printed documents. However, it does appear on the electronic versions which can be sent via Email or Text and which appear on the Customer Portal.

Terms and Conditions for Payment Terms
You can create different Terms and Conditions for each of your Payment Terms. Go to Product Setup / Accounting / Payment Terms. When you create a new Payment Term or update an existing Payment Term, you can add Terms and Conditions text which will only be associated with this Payment Term.

The Terms and Conditions for the Payment Terms will appear at the bottom of printed Invoices. If there are Terms and Conditions for the Document Type as well, those will appear on the Invoice with the Payment Terms and Conditions below. Payment Terms and Conditions do not appear on Sales Orders, Estimates, or Work Orders.

Printed Invoice with Terms and Conditions for both Document Type and Payment Term

Printed Invoice without Terms and Conditions for Document Type


Terms and Conditions for SKUs
You can create Terms and Conditions on specific SKUs as well! Go to Inventory and go to a SKU Profile for a SKU.

REMEMBER! If you’re creating a new SKU, you’ll reach the SKU Profile after entering initial information and clicking Create.

On the main SKU Profile page, there is a Terms and Conditions tile in the first row. To create Terms and Conditions for this SKU, click that tile.

A pop-up window will come up, allowing you to create the Terms and Conditions text for the SKU. Once you’ve entered the text, click Save.

The SKU Terms and Conditions will appear on printed Orders and Invoices underneath Document Type Terms and Conditions if those exist.

TIP! SKU Terms & Conditions can be used to include important information about that SKU which you want to appear on Customer documents. This important information may include Warranty details, concise maintenance recommendations, standing offers available through your business for the SKU (discounts on cleanings, pilot lights, refills, etc.), links to useful information about the SKU and/or your services, and so much more! While we strongly encourage you to keep Terms & Conditions as concise as possible, there is no limitation on how detailed and lengthy you can make them.

Sales Order with SKU Terms and Conditions

Printed Invoice with SKU Terms and Conditions