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How to Access My Account - LOU® - Powered by Evosus

Every user in LOU has a user profile which they can set up with helpful information. This is also where they can manage their POS PINs and passwords for LOU. My Account is where users can manage their personal information.

To manage their personnel profiles, see Personnel. To invite new users to LOU and manage user permissions, see Manage Users. For help in determining how to set different types of users, see Set Up Users.

REMEMBER! Information in My Account can only be edited by the User.

My Account
You can access My Account no matter where you are in LOU. Like the Navigation Bar and Quick Action Menu, My Account is a fixed button in LOU. It will have your Name on it. This  button can be found in the upper right-hand corner of the screen.

When you click  the profile page comes up and allows you to add several pieces of information. This profile information is not customer-facing. This page is intended for internal use. You can add and update the following:
  • Name
    • This will not affect an Aliases set up for Schedules
  • Personal Mobile Number
  • Time Zone
    • IMPORTANT! This has a direct impact on how Schedule Tasks are viewed by the User in LOU.
  • Profile Picture
  • Home Address
  • POS 1.0 (ONLY) PIN
    • This PIN works for LOU Retail POS 1.0 only.
    • PINs are automatically generated and cannot be manually changed by User or Admin. You can View your PIN or Rotate PIN.
    • Admins can Force a Reset of your PIN.
  • My LOU App PIN
    • This PIN is for all other Apps such as LOU Retail POS 2.0+, LOU Schedule, and more!
    • Update allows you to personalize your PIN
    • Admins cannot view your PIN
    • Admins can Force a Reset of your PIN
  • Emergency Contacts
  • My Companies (This field changes if you are a Company Owner.)

Company Owners can Create a New Company right from this screen:

All other Users can see what Companies they belong to and switch between them, but they are not permitted to Create a New Company from this page.