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Release Notes for LOU8


Release Date: April 20, 2020


Hey all you cool cats and kittens, we’ve got another terrific LOU release for you!



New Features

  •  AR Customer Statements : You can generate customer statements for your customers! These statements will provide valuable information to your customers about their current balance and their pending orders. You can print or electronically send statements. Your customers can make a payment on their balance right from the electronic statement! NOTE! Existing customers, there is some important setup that needs to happen in order for you to take advantage of these statements. Please contact Evosus Support and we can help!
  • Request Go Live: For our clients currently in onboarding, there is now a Request Go Live button. This button will send an email to our Onboarding Team to let them know you’re ready to Go Live. They will reach out and schedule that with you!



Feature Changes and Enhancements

  •  Invoices: If you attempt to Invoice a Completed Sales or Work Order, you will receive a message indicating “Order is completed and cannot be invoiced”
  •  POS Stations: Closing Receipt correctly displays and calculates negative numbers.
  • Stock Adjust/Transfer: Buttons for Stock Adjustments and Transfers have been added to the SKU Profile under Quantities.


Bug Fixes

  •  Negative AR Beginning Balance Invoice: If you choose to add Customer Credits under AR Beginning Balances rather than Customer Deposits, the Invoice which is created now correctly acts as a Credit on the Customer’s Account rather than a negative Invoice.
  • Beginning Balance Customer Deposits: Deposits created through Beginning Balances in Onboarding are now correctly associated with Sales Orders.
  • Print Documents: Non-Admin Users are now able to print all printable documents they can view with their bundle access.
  •  POS Station Closing Receipt: All payments are correctly reflected on the Closing Receipts printed from POS Station Management in LOU Web.
  • Payment Terms: Discount Days on Payment Terms are calculating correctly.
  •  Payment Term Discounts: Discounts applied via Payment Terms no longer act as a payment on the account.
  • Serial Numbers: When a Serial Number is removed via Stock Adjustment, it no longer shows in stock.
  • Beginning Balance Inventory Search: There was an issue where the search wasn't functioning. This has been corrected.
  • Discounts on Partial Payments: These now calculate correctly.