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Drip Campaigns are communication strategies that send messages or communicate with customers and prospects over time. It’s a way to keep your business on a customer’s or prospect’s radar in small doses over time.

WAIT! Before Customers to receive the communications in your Drip Campaigns, they must first be enrolled. For information about enrolling Customers in Drip Campaigns, check out Opportunities .

Most of the work around Drip Campaigns will happen elsewhere. However, this tile is useful for getting a quick bird’s eye view of all your active Enrollments.


Go to Operation / Marketing / Drip Campaign Enrollment


Once your Customers have enrolled in Drip Campaigns, you can see those Enrollments here. This page has three filtered pages. Pending, Completed, and Void.

Clicking the Action link on a line item next to an Enrollment, you can View Enrollment Schedules and Unenroll the Customer from the Drip Campaign.


The Enrollment Schedule will list all the Drip Campaign Tasks and what date they should occur.


This page is strictly read-only. There are no actions to take here. Tasks for Drip Campaigns are scheduling via a nightly process and assigned to the correct Personnel. They appear in the Personnel Tasks.

When a Drip Campaign Task in Personnel Tasks has been marked as Complete, the Drip Campaign Task will move from Pending to Completed and the Personnel Task will move from Pending to Completed.