How to Link POS devices to POS Stations

POS Stations in LOU Web are like Payment Management. All POS devices need to be linked to a POS Station in LOU Web, but not all POS Stations in LOU Web are linked to POS devices.


WAIT! Before you can link POS devices to POS Stations, you need to have a few other things set up.


·         POS Stations

·         PAX Payment Terminals

·         Link Merchant Account to POS Stations



Go to LOU Account / Integrations / Evosus Card Services


Click  to enter TSYS Configuration.




To link a new PAX machine to a POS Station, click .


Use the dropdowns to choose the PAX Payment Terminal and POS Station you want to link together. Click .


The new link should appear in the list on the Link Device to POS Station page.


Update Existing Link

To update an existing link, click the Actions link and select Update.


IMPORTANT! You can update the links, but you cannot delete a link once it’s created.


Be sure to click that  button when you’re done to save your changes.