Release Notes for POS2.1.0

Release Date: August 9 2023


Hey do you have those Star Wars speeder floaties on sale yet?


New Features

  • Sync feature: We moved the Sync option to the top of the menu list, created a new pop-up called
  • Hamburger Menu: We removed redundant menu features including Sale, Return, Inventory, Transactions, and Receive Payment because those options are available on the Dashboard.
  • Offline Mode Learn More: We clarified verbiage on the Learn More page when in Offline Mode to include “Your device will work offline and transactions will be stored on this device until a connection to LOU is reestablished. You can accept payments via or call 800-291-4840 for voice authentication payments.” 


Feature Changes and Enhancements

No enhancements in this release.


Bug Fixes

No bug fixes to report in this release.