Release Notes for POS1.5


Release Date: June 10, 2020


What’s that you say? We can go to stores and buy things in person again?! Well then, that calls for an update to LOU Retail POS! 


New Features

  • Payments during Internet Outage: You can accept payments through the PAX machine when you’ve lost the internet connection. However, these payments will not include Taxes. *A reliable internet connection is required for LOU Web and LOU Retail POS. Accepting Payments offline like this should be an extenuating circumstance, not the norm.
  • SKU Search: We have made improvements to how SKUs are stored in the cloud and locally. This adds speed to your SKU searches on LOU Retail POS and provides an important safety net in the event of internet outages.

Feature Changes and Enhancements

  • Sync Details: We have added information regarding POS to Web sync information to the LOU Retail POS Configuration Page. The page now displays:
    • Last Sync Date: Date/Time
    • Sync By: Username
    • SKUs Loaded: #
    • Customers Loaded: #
  • Card Not Present: You can accept Credit Card payments on LOU Retail POS through PAX by manually entering the card. This is helpful in the event the swipe or dip is not working on the card, or when the card is not present.
  • Void Button: We moved the Void button to the far left of the screen to prevent accidentally choosing Void instead of Pay on LOU Retail POS.
  • Credit Card Authorizations: When a Credit Card cannot be authorized for the entire Payment Amount, the card will be declined.

Bug Fixes

  • Keyboard Configuration: We have corrected an issue that caused an error when connecting or disconnecting a wireless keyboard or mouse to LOU Retail POS.
  • Kit SKUs: We corrected an issue that prevented you from selecting a Serial Number for a serialized SKU in a Kit SKU on LOU Retail POS.
  • Tax Calculations: We corrected an issue where Taxes were not being calculated in LOU Retail POS correctly.
  • Username: We corrected an issue where the username/password was being marked inactive after login/logout on LOU Retail POS.
  • Trade SKUs: We corrected two issues around Trade SKUs:
    1. Trade SKUs added to Quick SKUs were not selectable in LOU Retail POS.
    2. Trade SKUs were not searchable in an Inventory search in LOU Retail POS.