Release Notes for LOU50

Release Date: February 1 2023

LOU just got an AARP card! Don't worry, though. He's not retiring any time soon!

New Features
  • PDF Email Attachments: When you send a Work Order, Sales Order, Estimate, Payment Receipt, Invoice, or Customer Statement via email to your Customers, a pdf will be attached in addition to the link to the electronic version.

Feature Changes and Enhancements

No Enhancements for this release

Bug Fixes
  • Purchase Order – Customer Waiting – View Order: We corrected an issue that was displaying all invoiced line items in duplicate.
  • Broken Phone/Email Links – Document Profile: We corrected an issue where the links to a Phone Number or Email Address were broken if the contact info was different on the Document than on the Customer Profile.
  • SKU Profile – Terms and Conditions: We corrected an issue where the information tool tip icon was not working on all platforms.
  • Invoice Complete When Card Declined: We corrected an issue where Invoices were being marked as complete even though the credit card was declined.
  • Purchase Order Subtotal Miscalculating on Non-Inventory: We corrected an issue that caused the unit price to update rather than the vendor purchase price when adding a Non-Inventory SKU with a conversion rate to a PO with a quantity greater than 1.
  • Payments – All Payments – On Account: We corrected a display issue where the On Account Category displayed as “On_Account”.
  • My Tasks Dates Not Sorting: We corrected an issue where Personnel Tasks under My Tasks were not including the year in the sort. It was only sorting based on MMDD.
  • Calendar (New) Showing Removed Employees: We corrected an issue that caused the Calendar to display deactivated and removed Personnel.