Release Notes for LOU49

Release Date: January 18 2023

We’re keeping up with your New Year’s ResoLOUtions.

New Features
  • My Account – Time Zone Selection: My Company Details now contains a Time Zone field allowing you to default the Time Zone for your business. This will also default for new users added to LOU! Users can still go to My Account and select their own Time Zone when appropriate.
  • Customer Portal Settings: Configure the Company Demographics you share with your Customers as well as what data appears on the Customer Portal.

Feature Changes and Enhancements
  • Scheduler – Calendar Updates: We’ve replaced the Scheduler (Beta) label with Calendar and renamed the “old” calendar Calendar Classic. No functional changes, just labels.
  • CustomerID – Display – Various Documents: The Customer ID will appear with the Customer Name on various documents throughout LOU. When a Customer Name changes, the ID will remain the same.

Bug Fixes
  • Bin Relationships – Bin Selection Dropdown Search: We corrected an issue that caused you to be unable to search for additional Bins when creating Bin Relationships for Stock Sites with Bins in excess of those displayed in the dropdown. Dropdown displays a maximum of 50, but you can search and find all Bins in the Stock Site, regardless of the number.
  • Group Security – Vendor Profile: We corrected an issue that allowed users to update Vendor Profile info when SKU Vendor – Can Update permissions are restricted.
  • Scheduled Tasks for other LOU Clients Appear on REO: We corrected an issue that caused other LOU Companies’ Scheduled Tasks to appear on Recurring Orders.
  • Onboarding Clients – Accounting Task Tile Not Updating Status: We corrected an issue that prevented the Accounting Task Tile from updating status to Complete while in the Product Setup Tool. This affects clients in Onboarding only.
  • Over/Under Admin Alert – Open/Close Time Incorrect: We corrected an issue that caused the Open/Close time to be incorrect on the email Admins receive when there is an Over/Under alert for POS Stations.
  • REO – Schedule Date Does Not Appear in Document Search: We corrected an issue that caused Orders generated by the Recurring Order process not to display Scheduled Date on the Document Search page.
  • FIFO Log – Transfer SKU Input link: We corrected an issue that caused a FIFO record created by a SKU Transfer to drop the link to the Purchase Receipt associated with the SKU.
  • Inventory Search Page Running Slow: We corrected an issue that caused Inventory Search to take a long time when the database has a large number of SKUs. To combat this, rather than displaying all SKUs in the list, LOU will only display 200.