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Release Notes for LOU48

Release Date: December 14, 2022

Oh the weather outside is frightful, but LOU is so delightful…

New Features
  • Physical Count: You can perform a Physical Count to keep your book inventory and physical inventory in sync.

Feature Changes and Enhancements
  • Kit SKU Line Item Options: When adding a SKU to an Order, you can determine whether you want to hide the individual SKU line items in the Kit or the individual SKU prices on all customer-facing documents (printed and electronic).
  • SKU Category Inventory Search UX: Update and improved Inventory Searches throughout LOU using the new SKU Category functionality.
  • Search SKUs by Vendor: When searching for a SKU to add to a document, you can search by Vendor. This is especially helpful when creating Purchase Orders.
  • Vendor Profile – Our Account Number: When creating or updating a Vendor profile, there is a new field that allows you to add your account number for that Vendor. This information appears on Purchase Orders.
  • Reorder Alerts – Default UOM: When creating a Reorder Alert, the Sell By Unit of Measure now defaults in the dropdown.
  • Document Search – Distribution Method Column: We added a Distribution Method column to the document search pages (Estimates, Sales Orders, and Work Orders).
  • Mass SKU Update – SKU Type: The Mass SKU Update import now allows you to update the SKU Type when the SKU has never been transacted. This will be most helpful when importing new Pool360 SKUs which come over as Inventory and may need to be updated to other SKU Types such as Serialized.
  • Vendor Search - Action Menu Order: On the Vendor Search page, when you click on the Actions link, the order of actions has changed. Vendor Profile is now first. This means when you double click the Vendor line item, it will take you to the Vendor Profile instead opening the Update modal.
  • Invoice Search – Sort Order: Invoices default to most recent first on the Invoice Search page.
  • Review & Invoice – Document Stage column: A column for Document Stage has been added to the Review and Invoice page.
  • Adjusted Cost on Purchase Receipt: When you adjust the cost of a SKU on a PO, the Adjusted Cost now appears on the Purchase Receipt along with the regular Cost. Subtotal is labeled Adjusted Subtotal as well.
  • Stock Adjustment – Comment on GL: Comments left on Stock Adjustments will now appear on the GL line item for that Stock Adjustment as well.

Bug Fixes
  • GL Balance Per Day Incorrect: We corrected an issue that caused the GL Posting report and the Accounting Dashboard to be out of balance.
  • Accounts Receivable – Payment Set to Cash when Other Payment Method Selected: We corrected an issue that intermittently caused an Other Payment Method to be labeled as a Cash Payment Method.
  • Completed PO Not Printing: We corrected an error which caused some completed POs not to print.
  • LOU Schedule App Mobile PIN: We corrected an issue that caused an error when LOU generated app PINs with a leading zero.
  • REO – REO Type Name & Personnel Assignments: We corrected an issue when an REO Task Type Name is updated that caused existing REOs on the Schedule not to be updated. This results in Personnel Assignments being duplicated for the same REO.
  • Discontinued SKUs Appearing in REO SKU Dropdown: We corrected an issue that caused discontinued SKUs to still appear for selection when adding SKUs to an REO.
  • Document – SKU Search SKU Categories: We corrected an issue that prevented some SKUs in subcategories to appear when adding SKUs to a document.
  • Customer Statement – LOU Company Logo: We corrected an issue that prevented Statements from printing when no Company Logo was present in My Company Details.
  • Purchase Order Vendor Relationship – Kit SKUs: We corrected an error when adding Kits to POs when the SKUs don’t have a Vendor Relationship with the PO Vendor. The Vendor Relationships can now be properly created when selected.
  • Pool360 – Vendor Order Number: We corrected an issue that caused the Vendor Order Number to inconsistently display on the Purchase Order Search page.
  • Printed Documents – Subtotals: We corrected an issue that caused printed document Subtotals to be different from the Document Profile.
  • Product Setup – My Company Details Logo: We corrected an error that prevented you from removing a Logo in My Company Details.
  • Printed Documents – Department Address: We corrected an issue that caused the Suite/Unit number to be missing for a Department Address on printed documents.
  • Accounting Periods Duplicated: We corrected an issue that caused multiple entries to appear for the same Accounting Period.
  • Check Lists – Character Restriction: We corrected an error that allowed too many characters for Questions and Helper Text which caused issues with display and functionality. These fields are correctly limited to 512 characters now.
  • Customer Create – No Email: We corrected an issue that caused LOU to attempt to validate the email address for duplicates when creating a Customer record without an email address.
  • Personnel Phone Number: We corrected an issue that prevented the Personnel Phone Number from being deleted.
  • Refund Payment Missing GL Postings: We corrected an issue that prevented Refund Payments from correctly posting to the GL.
  • Mass Print Statements – Company Logo: We corrected an issue that caused the Company Logo to be missing from Customer Statements when mass printed.
  • Work Orders – Update Stock Site on SKU: We corrected an issue that allowed users to update the Stock Site from which a SKU is pulled for an Order to Inactive Stock Sites.
  • Task Dates on Pending Document Search: We corrected an issue that caused the incorrect Task Date to appear on the Document Search page when the Task on a SO/WO has been updated.
  • Receive Inventory – Negative QOH: We corrected an error that prevented you from receiving inventory for a SKU that had negative QOH for the receiving Stock Site.
  • Onboarding – Create Customer: We corrected an issue that prevented newly created Customers from appearing on the Customer List without refreshing the page.
  • General Ledger – Null Account on POS transactions: We corrected an issue that caused POS transactions to post to the GL with Null Accounts.
  • Parent/Child Customer Statements – Address: We corrected an issue that caused the Addresses for the Parent Customer and Child Customer to be stacked, causing confusing when trying to print Statements.
  • Hamburger Menu – Setup icon: We corrected an issue that caused an error message to display when attempting to access Product Setup via the Hamburger menu while in Inventory.