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Release Notes for LOU47.2

Release Date: November 2, 2022


We were feeling a little sluggish after consuming a bunch of Halloween candy, so we decided to get some exercise and do a little bug squashing.  

New Features

No new features in this release!

Feature Changes and Enhancements

No enhancements in this release!

Bug Fixes

  • Unable to Create Group Security Permissions: We corrected an issue that prevented the ability to create and enable Group Security Permissions.
  • Unable to Add New Users to Group Security: We corrected another issue with Group Security as users were not visible to add to groups if they were added to as a new user after the Group Security was created.
  • Group Security for Open/Close POS Stations: To resolve conflicts with group security permissions, LOU POS has been removed from the Payments - POS Stations - Can Change Status - Open/Close POS Stations (in POS Station Management) list. You will NOT have to enable this permission for users to close LOU POS1 on the Pax Machine moving forward.
  • Incorrect Estimates Display When Using Browser Back button: Corrected issue that caused incorrect estimates occasionally when using browser Back button to navigate in LOU.