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Release Notes for LOU47.1

Release Date: October 20, 2022

Who needs a pumpkin patch when you can have a LOU Patch?! Check our corn maze. It’s a blast!

New Features

No new features in this release!

Feature Changes and Enhancements

No enhancements in this release!

Bug Fixes
  • Dynamic Kits Out of Order: We corrected an issue so that all SKUs in a Dynamic Kit will appear on the Order in the same order the Questions are answered.
  • Duplicate Invoices/Payments via POS on PAX: We corrected some issues that caused some POS Invoices to be duplicated on LOU Web after syncing.
  • Serialized SKUs in POS Not Creating FIFO Output: We corrected an issue so that the FIFO Output records are correctly created for Serialized SKUs sold through POS.
  • Payment on File Merchant Account Field No Longer Auto-populating: We corrected an issue so that the Merchant Account dropdown correctly auto-populates the default selection as expected.
  • Discounts Greater than Subtotal Cause Incorrect Postings: We corrected an issue so that discounts greater than the subtotal of the SKU line item or Order subtotal are not allowed. An exception will display any time you try to discount greater than the SKU line Subtotal and/or Order Subtotal.