Release Notes for LOU45

Release Date: August 10, 2022

It’s too early for your pumpkin spice latte!

New Features

Our development team has been hard at work on some awesome new features. Stay tuned for more information!

Feature Changes and Enhancements
  • Payment Profile Update: This page has been updated to be consistent with other documents throughout LOU and to add additional functionality such as printing.
  • Payment Receipt – LOU Web: You can print in addition to electronically messaging the Payment Receipt.
  • Customer Portal – Print Receipt: Your Customers can print Payment Receipts for their Deposits and Payments.
  • Purchase Orders – Kit SKUs: POs will print with the individual SKUs that make up the Kit, but not with the Kit SKU, making viewing the PO amounts easier.

Bug Fixes
  • Carecraft – Unable to Retrieve Price Updates: We corrected an issue that prevented updated prices to come through the Carecraft integration as expected.
  • Customer Profile: We made several updates to the Customer Profile.
    • Display Name field updates automatically when the first or last name is updated.
    • When Bill Parent Customer is selected, LOU prompts to apply change to all pending documents.
    • When you update Customer to have a Parent Account, but do not add Parent info, you will be prompted to choose Parent Account.
    • When Parent Account is toggled off, the Parent/Child relationship is removed.
  • Customer Portal Shipping Address: On the Customer Portal, the Shipping Address will show instead of the Billing Address when Shipping Address is present.
  • Recurring Orders Completing Themselves Early: We corrected an issue that caused REOs to Complete earlier than expected.
  • Duplicate PO Numbers Created: Recent changes made to how IDs are created will correct this too.
  • SKU Import Duplicate My SKU Name: We have corrected the SKU Import to check case and length on My SKU Names to flag duplicates.
  • Void Payments Made through Customer Portal: We corrected an issue that prevented payments made via Customer Portal from being voided.
  • Manage Users – Deactivated Users: We corrected an issue where deactivated users were disappearing from the Manage Users list, preventing the User from being reactivated in the future.
  • POS Station – Customer Portal Payments: We corrected an issue that caused Closing Receipts to say $0 when the only payments received came through the Customer Portal.