Release Notes for LOU44

Release Date: July 20, 2022

Anyone doing anything fun for the summer? What?! You're free? Great! Let's hang out with LOU!

New Features
  • REO Orders Per Task: You can create Recurring Orders per Task rather than per Month, allowing more flexibility for invoicing.

Feature Changes and Enhancements
  • Stock Site Overview: The Stock Site Overview screen now shows more informative data for Serialized SKUs.
  • Customer Portal: When viewing an Invoice on the Customer Portal, the Ask a Question button has been relabeled as Send a Message.
  • Inventory Replenishment – Transfer: The Transfer Stock option is now available in the Actions link on a line item on the SKUs Reserved Not Available page. This Transfer option has also been added to the Can’t Cover Customer Orders line items.

Bug Fixes
  • Bill To Address: We corrected an issue where the Bill To Address was not appearing on Orders/Invoices.
  • FIFO Adjustment View Transaction: We corrected an issue that prevented the Serial Number from remaining on the Transaction when another transaction such as a Stock Adjustment occurs.
  • Forgot Password: We corrected an issue that prevented the Password Reset email from being sent to an email address for a user with no previously created Password.
  • POS Discount – Convert to Order: We corrected an issue that prevented a discount applied to through a POS transaction from appearing on the Order created in LOU Web after selecting Convert to Order on LOU Retail POS.
  • REO Percentage Discount: We corrected an issue that caused the percentage discount on an REO only to apply to the first quantity of a SKU instead of the total quantity for that SKU.
  • REO Tasks: We corrected an issue that caused Tasks not to populate on Work Orders created by REOs when there was a time zone conflict.
  • REO Long Load Times: We improved performance when accessing Recurring Order from the Customer Profile Screen.
  • Payments: We corrected an issue that caused a single payment to be applied across many Invoices.