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Release Notes for LOU43

Release Date: July 6, 2022

We hold these truths to be self-evident that all companies need LOU.

New Features
  • Department Create/Update POS Tax Code Validation: We added a validation for the Tax Code set for POS Defaults in Department Setup. *Avalara tax calculations are not supported by LOU Retail POS. This Validation will warn you to select a non-Avalara Tax Code for POS Defaults.
  • Serial Number Search Page: The Serial Number Search page has been updated according to current standards and to allow for additional information on the page.

Feature Changes and Enhancements
  • Personnel Tasks – Default Create Task Date: When you create a Personnel Task, the current date will be defaulted.
  • Customer Portal Estimate Task Length: We removed the Estimated Task Length from the Customer Portal and Schedule Confirmation Messages.
  • Document ID on Payment Profile: The Payment Document ID has been added to the Payment Profile/Payment page.
  • Stock Adjustment Reports: All Stock Adjustment Report Templates now include the Cost of the item at the time of the Stock Adjustment.
  • My Day Timeframes: Tasks on the My Day page now include the Schedule Timeframe.
  • Purchase Order Received Date and Serial Numbers: The Purchase Order Profile has been updated to include additional information on the SKU line items. The Received Date and Serial Number will now appear on the SKU line item after you receive the SKUs into Inventory.
  • Stock Site Bin Combo Boxes: the Bin Combo Boxes have been resized to accommodate longer Stock Site Names.
  • SKU Profile – Change SKU Type Kits: On the SKU Profile / Change SKU Type page, the Kit SKU Type has been removed from the options to which you can update/change an individual SKU. Likewise, the Change SKU Type tile will not appear on Kit SKU Profiles.

Bug Fixes
  • Missing FIFO Transactions: We corrected an issue where a sale, return, then a transfer of a Serialized SKU resulted in incorrect FIFO log records.
  • Return Payments from POS (WEB): We corrected an issue that prevented a Return Payment on POS from correctly displaying as a Return Payment on the Invoice created in LOU Web.
  • Invoices with Duplicated IDs: We made improvements to the various mass processing events to reduce the possibility of creating duplicate document IDs.
  • Beginning Balance Invoice Counted as Pending Invoices: We corrected an issue with the Go-Live Process where the Beginning Balance process created Invoices counted as Pending, but unviewable.
  • Discount Not Showing on Printed/Electronically Sent Invoice: We corrected an issue so that the Discount correctly displays on printed and electronically sent invoices.
  • Unapplied Balance Shows on Payment Deposit: We corrected an issue where the unapplied balance was not showing on the top of the Deposit Payment screen.
  • Empty Document IDs/Prefixes Fields: We corrected an issue where the Setup pages for Document ID and Document Prefixes had several blank entries in certain companies.
  • Estimated Taxes on Invoice: We corrected an issue when the Tax Code did not have “Print the Tax Code in Detail” toggled on, the Invoice displayed “Estimated Taxes” instead of correctly displaying “Tax”.
  • Taxes Displayed Twice on Printed Document: We corrected an issue so that an itemized detail of each Tax Authority Total is displayed below the Subtotal.
  • FIFO Open & Negative Logs Missing Negative Transactions: We corrected an issue that prevented a transaction that causes the quantity to go negative OR uses an already negative quantity from appearing on the Open FIFO Log correctly.
  • Customer Portal Payments Missing Personnel/User ID: We corrected an issue where Payments made through the Customer Portal did not display the User on the Payment Details page. The User will now display as “Customer Portal Payment”.
  • Mass Update Kit SKUs: We corrected an issue that prevented Kit SKU Prices from being updated through the Mass SKU Update import.
  • Error Applying Payments: We corrected an issue that prevented some clients from being able to apply a Payment to Customer’s Open Invoices.
  • SKU/SKU Category Imports – Multiple Sub-Category Issue: We corrected an issue where LOU was not correctly importing SKU Sub-Categories.
  • Department Tax Defaults Not Working: We corrected an issue that caused Department Tax Defaults not to apply correctly to Document Types.
  • Customer Portal Bill To and Ship To Addresses: We corrected an issue that caused the Bill To and Ship To Addresses to display flipped on the Customer Portal.
  • Pool360 Price Update Date: We corrected an issue that caused Price Updates not to process for Pool360 when the Price Update Date was not set in the system.