Release Notes for LOU33 - LOU® - Powered by Evosus

Release Date: October 13, 2021

Under the moonlight, you see a sight that almost stops your heart…

New Features
  • Schedule Confirmation Messaging: LOU can send Confirmation and Reminder messages to your Customers when they have upcoming Schedule Tasks!
  • Tax Setup – Department Tax Mapping: There is a new screen accessible from the Tax Setup page called Department Tax Mapping. This page allows you to quickly and easily see your Department default Tax Codes, update the Department information, and even create new Departments!
  • Tax Setup – Reports: There is a new link to the main Reports page, pre-filtered for Tax Reports.

Feature Changes and Enhancements
  • Report – Card on File: The Card on File report allows you to view Customers that have Cards on File and quickly see their expiration dates and other important information. This report will not display the full card numbers as that information is encrypted.
  • Search Page Performance: We made a lot of significant improvements to overall LOU performance, including major improvements to Search Page performance across many areas of LOU.

Bug Fixes
  • Separate Customer Payments with Same ID: We corrected an issue that allowed Payments to have duplicate IDs.
  • Personnel Preferred Vehicle: We corrected an issue where the preferred vehicle for Personnel was not automatically being added to a Schedule Task when the Personnel was added.
  • Tax Setup – Tax Reports Date Range: We corrected an issue where the Tax Reports Date Range did not include the current day.
  • Payment Search – Refunds: We corrected an issue to prevent you from being able to open the Apply Payment pop-up for Refunds on the Apply Payment Search page.
  • POS Station – Unable to Close (LOU Web): We corrected an issue that caused Back Office/LOU Web POS Stations to be unable to close due to the POS Station being opened twice at the same time.
  • Duplicate Refund after Voiding Invoice: We corrected an issue that caused duplicate refunds to post after voiding a single Invoice.
  • Serialized SKUs – Reserved and Estimates Counts: We corrected an issue that caused the Reserved and Estimate SKU counts to skip counting Serialized SKUs on Estimates and Orders when the Serial Number wasn’t entered. LOU will now count Serialized SKUs as Reserved or on an Estimate even if the Serial Number has not been added.
  • Deposit Refunds Not Displaying: We corrected an issue so that negative entries for Deposit Refunds are displayed properly on Document Profiles or the Electronic Customer Document View.
  • Spreadsheet Import – Spreadsheet Type Dropdown Changes: We made some minor changes to some spreadsheet names and the dropdown. We did not change the functionality of the spreadsheet imports.
    • Spreadsheet Types are now alphabetized in the dropdown
    • Template Names have been updated for Site Profiles, Accounts Receivable Beginning Balances, and Customer Deposit Beginning Balances.
  • Spreadsheet Import – Remove Duplicate Customer Name Check: We corrected an issue that prevented duplicate Customer Names from importing correctly. Example: John Smith and John Smith. First and Last Names can be duplicated.