Release Notes for LOU28

Release Date: May 24, 2021

Episode 28: The Rise of LOU is now playing in a cloud near you!

New Features
  • Customer Statements – Mass Print & Mass Message: With Mass Print and Mass Message, you can quickly print or electronically send Customer Statements in large groups.
  • Customer Alerts: LOU27 ushered in Customer Alerts where you can place important messages on the Customer Profile to alert your users. Now, these alerts will appear when you open a Document for that Customer, ensuring users see the important messages without having to look at the Customer Profile.
  • Schedule Tasks – Primary and Helper Personnel: You can create a hierarchy of personnel assigned to Scheduled Tasks, designating a Primary Personnel and a Helper Personnel. IMPORTANT! This is not the same as the Primary Personnel assignments created in Schedule Divisions.
  • REOs – Mass Payment Send Statements: You can filter for the Communication Type on the Mass Payments / Send Statements page for REOs. This allows you to quickly determine what Statements to Send by choosing the correct Communication Type.
  • Customer Communication Preferences: Your Customers can now select their Communication preferences for both Electronic Messages and Transaction Receipts when viewing their Customer Statements.
  • Images: We’ve added new image functionality! You can save and search for Images on the Customer Profile, Documents, Equipment, and Vendors! Some key features to note:
    • New Gallery and Timeline views that are searchable!
    • Pictures can now have both captions and descriptions.
    • Pictures can have tags to increase searchability.
    • LOU utilizes AI to recognize what’s in the image, increasing ease of searchability.
    • ​​​​​​​LOU utilizes AI to pull text from an image. This is useful when taking pictures of equipment tags to track Serial Numbers.

Feature Changes and Enhancements
  • Vendor Search: The Vendor Search page is now faster and streamlined.
  • Customer Addresses: We’ve enhanced performance around Customer Addresses in Estimates, Documents, Profiles, and Invoices.
  • LOU Billing: We’ve redesigned the Billing Search Page to make it easier for you to view Invoices and Credit Memos related to your LOU Account.
  • QuickBooks Online Account Mapping: We updated the QuickBooks Online integration to display 1000 GL Accounts rather than 100 during Integration Setup.
  • Scheduling Performance: We made some “under the hood” improvements to Scheduling in LOU.
  • Dashboard Header Buttons: Quick Add, Notifications, My Messages, My Tasks, and My Account icons now have names when you hover over the icon with your cursor to quickly identify those icons.
  • Work Order Scheduled Task: We’ve improved the way Personnel is defaulted on Work Orders when you create a Schedule Task.   
  • Reports: We’ve enhanced several reports to have additional relevant detail. Default Vendor Purchase Cost, Selling and Purchase UOM, Retail Price, Profit per Unit, Retail x QOH – Retail Price on Hand, and Profit for all Quantity on Hand – Profit on Hand have been added to these reports:
    • SKU Quantities by company – ALL
    • SKU Quantities by Stock Site/Bin
    • SKU Quantities by Stock/Bin – Quantity on Hand
  • Discount Column on Printed Orders and Invoices: When no Discount exists, the Discount column will no longer appear on printed Orders and Invoices.
  • Invoices and Orders – Printed: We made several little tweaks to the design of printed Invoices and Orders to streamline and improve the look.
  • Personnel Tasks Description: We have increased the character limit for Descriptions on Personnel Tasks from 200 to unlimited.
  • Search and Report Grids: We have increased the fonts on Search Pages and Reports. Font size is now responsive to your screen resolution and size.
  • Search Results Zero Records: We have improved messaging when searches result in no data returned.
  • Inactive Customers: We have improved the way LOU handles deactivating Customers or viewing Inactive Customers. When the Customer Profile is inactive, there will be a large, red banner across the top of the Profile page, indicating the Customer Profile is Inactive.
  • Document SKU Search: When searching SKUs from the Document Profile page, you will see additional quantities, including Company QOH, Quantity Reserved, and Quantity Available.
  • REO Search: We have added more filter options to REO Searches and improved the speed and experience for Completed, Hold, Active, and Onboarding REO searches. Additional filters were added to REO setup pages in line with REO Search pages as well.
  • Customer Statements: We improved the speed and experience of the Customer Statement Search pages.
  • Customer Statements: When a Customer Statement is sent electronically or printed, the Send Date will be recorded to the Customer Profile.
  • Customer Search: We improved the speed and experience of the Customer Search page.

Bug Fixes
  • Two Default Vendors for a single SKU: We corrected an issue that caused two Vendors to appear as the default on a single SKU.
  • Universal Messaging – Empty Subject Line: Improved error message to clearly indicate you cannot send an email message with a blank subject line.
  • Universal Messaging – Actions dropdown: We corrected an issue where the Actions dropdown didn’t display properly to allow you to unfollow mainline messages.
  • Universal Messaging – Cancel New Mainline Message: We corrected an issue that caused messages to be dismissed improperly.
  • Universal Messaging – Text Field: We updated and improved the Text fields to match standards throughout LOU.
  • Calendar – Add Task: We corrected an issue where fast clicking on Create in the Schedule Calendar caused multiple Create Tasks windows to open at the same time.
  • Schedule Tasks: We corrected an issue that caused Tasks to have a beginning and end time of zero minutes which caused the Task not to appear on the Personnel Calendar.
  • Kits – UOM: We corrected an issue that caused SKU Price to display incorrectly after items are added to the Kit, related to changing the UOM upon adding to the kit.
  • REOs – Date: We corrected an issue with the REO Profile Date not matching the date that appears in the REO Search grid.
  • Documents – Orders: We corrected an issue where two users were allowed to access the same single Order document. This caused an edits and input from User A to be overwritten by the edits and input saved by User B.
  • Document Create – Admin Error: We corrected an issue that caused the System Administrator Error when attempting to create a new Customer Document (Estimate, Sales Order, Work Order).
  • Multi-Day Tasks: We corrected an issue that caused Multi-Day Tasks not to appear correctly when Scheduling.
  • Purchase Receipt Voids: We corrected an issue that caused the GL and QOH to fall out of sync when voiding a Purchase Receipt.
  • My Day: We corrected an issue where long names caused overlapping between Task Type and Customer Name.
  • Stock Adjustments: We corrected an issue that caused Stock Adjustments to be limited to only 2 decimal places. They are not limited to 4.
  • Text Deleting in Search Fields: We corrected an issue that caused characters to be deleted from Search Fields while actively typing. We increased the type between typing and when the auto-search kicks off to allow time to complete the word.
  • Closed Account Periods Message: We corrected an issue that caused users to see “Close Accounting Period” messaging when the Accounting Period is actually open.
  • Imports: We corrected an issue that caused Import Spreadsheet statuses not to update correctly.
  • AR Aging Report: We added Beginning Balance Invoices to the AR Aging Report.
  • Card Payments – Manual Card Entry: We corrected an issue where the expiration date was being deleted while entering a credit card manually for Payment.