Release Notes for LOU26 - LOU® - Powered by Evosus

Release Date: March 23, 2021

Spring is in the air and LOU is getting ready to fire up the grills, blow up the giant inflatable whales, and get outside!

New Features
  • Mass Pay – Statements: In addition to processing payments en masse for your REOs, now you can send Customer Statements en masse for the REOs from the same screen!
  • Discounts – SKU Line Item: When you add SKUs to a Document, you can edit the SKU line item to create a Discount for that SKU. Now, you can choose either a dollar amount off or a percentage off!
  • LOU Account Past Due: Admins logging into LOU will get an alert message when they have a past due LOU invoice. Admins will be directed to the LOU Billing page where they can review invoices and update the card on file to resolve the past due amount.

Feature Changes and Enhancements
  • GL Search: We’ve improved searching for transactions in the General Ledger. This search now functions much like searches on other pages throughout LOU.
  • Customer Messaging Links: We improved the way the Payment Totals display on Customer Messaging. Instead of showing the Total for the Document, it will correctly show the total for the Payment (which may not always equal the Document Total).
  • My Messages – Message Search: We made some improvements to the Unread Messages screen, including lining navigation buttons up with the search bar.
  • Terms & Conditions – FYI Text: We’ve enhanced the Terms & Conditions page to include help text to guide users on the page.

Bug Fixes
  • SKU Spreadsheet Import – Vendors uneditable: We corrected an issue where Vendors created through a SKU Import could not be edited if the SKU Import was rolled back.
  • Purchase Orders – Customers Waiting Dropdown: We corrected an issue that caused associated Customers not to appear in the Purchase Order dropdown section for Customers Waiting.
  • Spreadsheet Imports – General Feature Improvements: We improved and corrected several areas of Spreadsheet Imports.
  • REO Search: We corrected an issue that caused the Hold Date not to populate when it exists on REOs in Hold Status.
  • REO Batch Process Not Calculating Labor Tax: We corrected an issue where Labor SKU taxes were not being calculated correctly on Orders created during the REO Batch Process.
  • Personnel Search: We corrected an issue that caused Users not to appear in the Personnel Setup.
  • SKU Counts – POS Transactions: We corrected an issue where POS Transactions synced to LOU Web were properly decreasing SKU Counts and properly writing to the FIFO Log, but they were not displaying correctly in Inventory Search.
  • Customer Imports – Alias Field: We corrected an issue where the Alias field in Customer Profile wasn’t searchable if added during the Customer Import.
  • Search Fields: We corrected an issue where text would disappear while typing in a search field in all Document Screens.
  • POS Tax Details: We corrected an issue where Non-Taxable SKUs were not displaying correctly after a sync to LOU Web.
  • Audit Log: We corrected an issue on the Audit Log Search screen that caused Personnel in the dropdown to be incorrect.
  • Personnel Tasks – Estimate Outcomes (Lose): We corrected an issue that caused Estimate Tasks to remain on Personnel Tasks after the Estimate is marked as lost.