Release Notes for LOU23.2

Release Date: February 9, 2021

This is a patch release. No new features are included.

New Features

N/A for Patch Releases

  • Purchase Order Badge Count: Documents (Work Orders, Sales Orders, etc.) will correctly display a count of all POs linked to the document in the SKU box. This includes both pending and complete POs.
  • My Account: The Support link on the My Account screen has been updated to correctly send you to
  • Icons and Side Menu: We made some enhancements to the Tiles on the main Dashboard and the Hamburger menu on the left of LOU. There were some inconsistencies which have now been corrected. Most of these improvements are visual and do not affect the functionality. You may notice some of the Hamburger menu items have changed order, but their functionality remains.
  • Vendor Profile: We’ve improved the Tiles featured in the Vendor profile. We’ve added badge counts for Purchase Receipts and Purchase Orders, as well as rerouted Purchase Receipts to the correct location.
  • Inventory SKU Counts: We have improved the stability and process involved in the use of Inventory SKU Counts throughout the software.
  • Dashboard Reorganization: We’ve adjusted the location of the tiles for Operations, LOU Account, Product Setup, and Communication on the main Dashboard.
  • Onboarding Business Review: We’ve updated the Business Review link in the Product Setup Tool. This affects Onboarding clients only.

Bug Fixes
  • Historical Imports: We’ve improved the batch process that is responsible for cleaning up completed spreadsheet imports.
  • Stock Transfer: We corrected an issue that left Stock Transfer history records without a Stock Site or Bin.
  • Export GL: We corrected an issue that caused GL Exports to export an incorrect date while the Date in the software remained correct.
  • Discontinued SKUs: We corrected an issue that allowed discontinued SKUs to appear for selection in the Stock Adjustment form.
  • Stock Adjustments: We corrected an error when the UOM was removed from a Stock Adjustment. It will now properly display a message to allow you to correct this rather than a generic error.
  • Stock Adjustments – Serial Numbers: We corrected an issue that allowed Serial Numbers to be logged for Non-serialized SKUs.
  • GL Check Deposit Payments: We corrected an issue where a Check Payment for a Deposit was posting a debit to Merchant Clearing instead of correctly posting a debit to Cash on Hand.
  • FIFO Log Beginning Balances: We corrected an issue that caused the FIFO Log to show SKU Counts with Vendor Cost rather than the correct Beginning Balance Valuation cost.
  • Beginning Balances Inventory: We corrected an issue that allowed Inactive Bins to display for selection in the Inventory Beginning Balances form within the Stock Site/Bin dropdown.
  • Manual Inventory Receipt: We corrected an issue where subtotals were not consistently updating during the manual Inventory Receipt creation process.
  • Partial Invoice Voiding: We corrected an issue that caused incorrect SKU lines to be voided erroneously when partially voiding an Invoice.