Release Notes for LOU22

Release Date: December 2, 2020

Welcome to level 12 of LOUmanji!

New Features
  • Customer Profile SKU History: You now have a quick way to search for all the SKUs purchased by a specific customer in the SKU History tile on the Customer Profile.
  • Customer Profile Buy Again: In conjunction with the new SKU History Search, we’ve added the ability to quickly review previous purchases by a Customer.

Feature Changes and Enhancements
  • Export GL Batch Page: We’ve made some improvements to the way the Export GL page looks. When you arrive on the GL Batch page, you will see all batches. However, Voided Batches are limited to 60 days. There are no changes to the filter searches.
  • Customer Profile Badges: We’ve added badges to several tiles in the Customer Profile. This allows you to quickly see if there are pending/open documents for the Customer. The changes affect:
    • Estimates Tile: Count of Pending Estimates for this Customer
    • Sales Order Tile: Count of Pending Sales Orders for this Customer
    • Work Orders Tile: Count of Pending Work Orders for this Customer
    • Recurring Orders: Count of Pending Onboarding plus Pending Active plus Pending Hold REOs for this Customer
    • Schedule Tile: Count of Pending Schedule Tasks for this Customer
    • Payments Tile: Count of Pending Payments for this Customer
    • Invoices Tile: Count of Pending Invoices for this Customer
  • Invoice Reports: We’ve improved the way the Invoice Report displays data according to the Date Range.

Bug Fixes
  • Equipment: We’ve corrected an issue that prevented Equipment sold to a Customer in LOU from being corrected tracked in the Customer Profile Equipment. This fix is retroactive and for all future sales. Any Equipment previously sold in LOU will populate in the correct Customer Profile as a result of this fix.
  • POS Station Departments: We’ve corrected an issue where Inactive Departments were appearing in the Departments dropdown when creating a new POS Station.
  • Pending Invoices Search: We’ve corrected an issue where the total balance for Pending Invoices by Department displayed even when you were searching for Pending Invoices through the Customer Profile. This Balance due should be restricted to just that customer when searching through Customer Profile.
  • Applied Payments Status: We corrected an issue where Applied Payments were still showing in Unapplied Payments.
  • Import Times: we corrected an issue where large imports were getting queued with a start time over a week out. This was a date display issue that did not affect the actual start time for the imports. We’ve corrected the date to display the accurate start date.
  • Payments on Invoice: We corrected the way Invoices update the balance upon successful Payment to prevent overpaying an Invoice.
  • Customer Messages: We’ve corrected the way Customer Messages are refreshed when Creating a new Customer Message. This allows you to see changes/improvements you’ve made quickly.
  • Discounts on GL: We’ve corrected the way the GL handles postings for sales discounts to reflect the correct amount on the Accounts Receivable GL.
  • GL Export Voided Transactions: We corrected an issue where GL Export Batches were being voided if they contained previously voided transactions. GL Export Batches should only automatically void if an Invoice/Transaction in the batch’s Date Range is voided after the batch is created and during an open Accounting Period.
  • Open REOs: We corrected an issue where opening an active REO caused an admin error. While you were still able to click through the message and proceed, you should not receive an error message just from opening an active REO profile.
  • Tax Exempt Customers: We corrected an issue where Tax Exempt Customers were still being charged Sales Tax on Orders and Invoices. We made this change in both LOU Web and LOU Retail POS.