Release Notes for LOU22.2 - LOU™ - Powered by Evosus

Release Date: December 16 2020

This is a patch release. No new features are included.

New Features

Bug Fixes
  • REO Main Batch Process: We have clarified the REO Batch Process events and timing. This process will run every 12 hours beginning at 3:00AM GMT. It will run at:
    • PST – 7:00PM and 7:00AM
    • CST – 9:00PM and 9:00AM
    • EST – 10:00PM and 10:00AM
  • Inactive Dashboard Tiles: We corrected an issue where inactive Dashboard Tiles were appearing when using the Search All feature.
  • Over/Under Emails: We corrected an issue where inactive admin users were receiving Over/Under emails.
  • Wants Earlier Appt: We corrected an issue where Tasks in the “Wants Earlier Appt” queue were not always correctly assigning to the Personnel trying to take the Task.
  • Distribution Methods: We removed “Delivery Methods” tiles from the software. All references to Delivery Methods are called Distribution Methods.
  • Work Orders: We fixed an issue where tags that were added to Work Order – Incomplete Reason upon user logout were being removed. Tags are now maintained in a logout event.
  • Recurring Order Ending in 60 Days: We have temporarily removed the Search Screen “Ending in 60 Days” on the Recurring Orders page. We are working to enhance this feature and will add it back after the feature has been corrected and enhanced.
  • Customer Profile Schedule: We corrected an issue where Scheduled Tasks for all Customers were appearing when selecting the Schedule List View from Customer Profile. This List View should be limited to the active Customer only.