Release Notes for LOU20

Release Date: October 7, 2020

“It’s the team that completed the LOU Release in less than 12 parsecs” ~Han Solo

New Features

We've also released
POS1.9 !!
  • Purchase Orders: We’ve added a Customers Waiting Search to the Purchase Orders Page.
  • Purchase Orders: We’ve added a Purchase Order Tile to the Customer Profile, allowing you to see any POs on which the Customer is waitlisted.
  • Purchase Orders: We’ve added a Customer Waiting notification to POs, connecting Customer Documents (Sales Orders, Work Orders, Estimates) to the POs to create easy tracking of waitlists. 
  • Purchase Orders: Purchase Order Documents can be printed.
  • Reports: We’re releasing several new reports to help with all aspects of your business. The Report Categories include Customers, Invoices, SKUs, Estimates, Orders, and Payments!

Feature Changes and Enhancements
  • Email "From Name": You can change the name that appears in the From field on Customer Emails! Go to Product Setup / Foundation / Customer Messaging
  • Customer Documents: We’ve removed the LOU logo and “Powered by Evosus” text from the bottom of document links Customers access.
    • Customer Statements
    • View Invoice
    • View Document
    • View Payment
    • Make Payment
    • Door Hanger
  • Reports: We’ve updated reports that are run for a Date Range to include the Date Range on the Report View Page.
  • Invoice Profile: In line with other Document changes, we’ve corrected verbiage from “Invoice Update” to “Invoice Profile”.
  • Tax Details: We’ve improved Tax Details to prevent incorrect recalculations.
  • GL QuickBooks Online Export: We’ve changed the GL export process when there is no data in the selected date range. When the GL batch has no data, it will automatically update as Complete and show the Date Range has been accounted for even though there was no data to export/report.
  • Make My Own Copy (Reports): We are removing the "Make My Own Copy" button from Reports. This is part of our effort to expand and improve reporting in LOU. You can still make your own copies outside of LOU by exporting the reports to a spreadsheet. 

Bug Fixes
  • Tax Details: We corrected an issue where Taxes were being recalculated on Complete Invoices.
  • Optimize Routes: We corrected an issue where the pin numbers on the map were not resetting after optimizing a route with multiple service calls.
  • Interview Questions: We corrected an issue that prevented Interview Questions from being reordered using the arrows on the left during Interview Creation/Update.
  • Create Purchase Order: We corrected an issue that prevented SKUs from correctly being added to the PO when creating the PO from the SKU Profile Purchase Order Search page.
  • GL Export: We corrected an issue where the Exported General Ledger and the GL Posts in LOU had different figures due to a rounding issue.
  • Dropdowns: We corrected an issue where dropdowns throughout the software were not correctly populating.
  • PO Stock Site Counts: We corrected an issue where the wrong stock site was selected when placing a PO On Order.
  • Cannot Assign Existing GL Accounts to SKU Categories: We corrected an issue that prevented you from selecting existing GL Accounts when mapping to SKU Categories. This primarily impacts Onboarding Customers.
  • Unable to Update Contact Info: We corrected an issue that prevented you from updating Customer demographics when the Customer had open documents.