Release Notes for LOU19 - LOU™ - Powered by Evosus

Release Date: September 22, 2020

Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to the 19th LOU Games! May the odds be ever in your favor.

New Features
  • Purchase Orders: We’ve added new Purchase Order search categories to the Purchase Order Page. There are now 4 buttons along the top of the page which help filter your search. These buttons are Pending Open, Pending on Order, Completed, and Void.
  • Documents – Add SKUs: We’ve added a Create SKU button to the SKU box in the Document Update page. This allows you to create SKUs on the fly without leaving the document on which you’re working. 
  • Stock Site Quantity Search: We’ve added the ability to check specific Stock Site QOH from within the Document Update page for a specific SKU.
  • Purchase Order Append/Create from SKU Quantity Search: We’ve added the ability to create a PO or add a SKU to a PO from the SKU Quantity Search on the Document Update Page. This allows you to quickly and easily perform each of these actions without leaving the Document on which you’re working. 
  • Invoice Search: We’ve added new buttons to the Invoice Search page to filter to specific groups of Invoices. These buttons are Pending Invoices, Completed POS, Completed Sales Order Invoices, Completed Work Order Invoices, All Completed Invoices, and Void.

Feature Changes and Enhancements
  • Google Maps: We’ve enhanced and improved the way Google Maps widgets work when adding an address.
  • Google Maps – Customer Import: We’ve enhanced the way addresses are verified when adding through LOU Customer Imports. When you add a customer with an address through the spreadsheet import, the address will be Google Verified when the Customer Profile is accessed for the first time after creation. This helps improve performance and accuracy in verification.
  • Recurring Orders Tile on Customer Profile: We’ve added the Recurring Orders tile to the Customer Profile page, allowing you to quickly and easily access the customer’s REOs right from the profile page! 
  • SKU Add/Update: We’ve updated the SKU Create/Update page to be a pop-up window instead of a separate page. This allows you to create and update SKUs without having to leave the page on which you’re working!
  • Spreadsheet Import Row Limits: We’ve limited Spreadsheet Imports to 50,000 rows. This prevents performance issues resulting from exceptionally large spreadsheet imports.

Bug Fixes
  • Kit SKU Add/Update Sort Order: We corrected an issue where the SKUs in a Kit were reordered upon being added to a Document.
  • Inventory Valuation Date: We corrected an issue with the Inventory Valuation Date which wasn’t correctly accounting for local time.
  • SKU Line Items on Completed POS Invoices: We corrected an issue that prevented SKU line items from correctly displaying on the Completed Invoices created from POS transactions synced from LOU Retail POS to LOU Web.
  • Unable to Void Payment After Voiding Invoice: We corrected an issue where a Payment was unable to be voided if the Invoice was voided first. This doesn’t appear to have been a widespread issue.
  • Going Live Breaks Link Between POS Station and Merchant Account: We corrected an important issue affecting New Clients only. Upon going live, the link between the Merchant Account and the POS Station was broke. This only affects clients in onboarding.
  • SKU Unit of Measure Defaults: We corrected an issue where the default UOM set up for a SKU was not being used upon SKU Add.
  • Disallow Removal of Customer on Customer Documents: We corrected an issue which incorrectly allowed you to clear the Customer from a document, causing an error. Customer is a required field on all Documents.
  • SKU Comment Lines and Subtotals: We corrected an issue where comment lines and subtotals on SKUs were not retained when the Order was invoiced.
  • Create Payment – Customer Dropdown: We corrected an issue where inactive customers were appearing in the Customer dropdown when creating a Payment.
  • Vendor Dropdowns: We corrected an issue where the Vendor dropdowns lists were not organized in alphabetical order.
  • PAX POS Stations Showing as Option in Back Office: We corrected an issue where your POS Stations linked to a PAX machine were able to be selected for payment processing through LOU Web. Payments should only be processed on PAX POS Stations from LOU Retail POS on a PAX machine.
  • KIT SKU Items Not on Orders: We corrected an issue where KIT SKU items were not appearing on the Document Update page after adding the KIT to an Order.
  • Report View – Back Button: We corrected an error where clicking the Back button in the Report View page took you back to the Reports page instead of the Report Category you were viewing.
  • Double Click SKU Create: We corrected an issue where if you double click on a SKY Type to create a SKU, two pop-ups cam up, preventing you from cancelling or going back, causing an error.
  • SKU Profit Margin: We corrected an issue where LOU was rounding a profit margin of 99.99999% to 100% even though LOU doesn’t allow profit margins of 100%.
  • Sending PO through Pool360: We fixed an issue preventing Pool360 POs from being sent electronically. The PO will send and the status will correctly update to Pending On Order.