Legacy to LOU®: 5 Retail - Powered by Evosus

This document was created to showcase important differences between Evosus Legacy and LOU in the hopes it answers questions Evosus Legacy clients may have as you begin to consider migrating to our new cloud-based product, LOU.

This document is the fifth of eight. Each document, or section, should answer some of the most important questions about migrating from Evosus Legacy to LOU. This is a high level discussion and is not meant to be all-inclusive.

Speaking of releases and changes to come please check out the following resources:

LOU delivers lightning fast and secure POS. Popular features include EMV compliance, the ability to accept any currency, digital signatures, built in thermal-receipt printer, text/email receipt option, customer card-on-file/tokenization, and real-time inventory availability & pricing.

How does Legacy retail differ from LOU retail?
Features Coming Soon in LOU

Many of these features will be available in 2021. Check out the details of our roadmap here!

On the following pages look at how the same functionality looks in both Legacy and LOU.

POS Login Screen

                                   Legacy                                                                  LOU

POS Main Screen

                                  Legacy                                                                          LOU

POS Cart

                                 Legacy                                                                           LOU

POS Payment Screen

                              Legacy                                                                         LOU


POS Customer Search

                               Legacy                                                                               LOU

POS Default Customer Function

                               Legacy                                                                       LOU


POS Line Item Edit

                                Legacy                                                                             LOU

POS Hold Transactions Function

                                  Legacy                                                                        LOU


On hold Transactions / Hold and Pickup

                                  Legacy                                                                         LOU

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