Legacy to LOU®: 6 Onboarding - Powered by Evosus


This document was created to showcase important differences between Evosus Legacy and LOU in the hopes it answers questions Evosus Legacy clients may have as you begin to consider migrating to our new cloud-based product, LOU.

This document is the sixth of eight. Each document, or section, should answer some of the most important questions about migrating from Evosus Legacy to LOU. This is a high level discussion and is not meant to be all-inclusive. 

Speaking of releases and changes to come please check out the following resources:

An entirely new onboarding process, tools, and team have been established to help facilitate the transition from Legacy to LOU.

Onboarding in 8 Phases
From Sign-up to Go-Live this process includes training, setup of Hardware and system.

Training/progress meetings

LOU Product Setup

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