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How to Disable Pop-up Blockers in a Browser - LOU™ - Powered by Evosus

LOU is web-based and that means you need to use a web browser to access it. Each browser is different, but any web browser can access a website, including LOU.


See our System Recommendations for additional information.


LOU utilizes browser pop-up windows for print functions within the system. In order to see the Print Preview screen, you must allow pop-ups on the browser on which you access LOU.


Each browser has a different method for disabling pop-ups or configuring the browser to allow pop-ups for a specific site. Since pop-ups are a nuisance on some sites, we recommend allowing pop-ups for lou.evosus.com instead of universally. You should consult each browser’s support page for details.


Google Chrome - LOU has been optimized for Chrome


Microsoft Edge - IMPORTANT! Microsoft does not currently support setting specific website preferences like the other browsers. For Edge, the option to is all-or-nothing.


Mozilla Firefox


Apple Safari



REMEMBER! Browser settings on mobile devices may be accessed differently. You can find help on the support site for your mobile device’s OS. Here are the two major ones: