How to Create Interview Types - LOU® - Powered by Evosus

Interviews allow you to customize a list of questions your users should ask customers to gather important details and information to help troubleshoot an issue over the phone, gather important information for technicians, or recommend the correct products to the customer.

Interview Types allow you create a list of different sets of Interviews.

Go to Product Setup / Service / Interview Types

  1. To begin creating a list of Interview Types click 
  2. Enter a Description in the field

You can keep hitting <Enter> and typing in a new Description until you’ve completed your list.

You can designate an Interview Type as the Default. You cannot delete Interview Types. You can deactivate an Interview Type by unchecking the box under the Active column for that line item or by replacing the Description with a new Description.

You can see your Inactive Interview Types by changing the Status dropdown to All from Active.