How to Create Document Prefixes - LOU® - Powered by Evosus

Document Prefixes are 3-character prefixes appended to the beginning of Document IDs. These prefixes identify to which entity the document belongs. For example, the Customer ID prefix could be CUS. When you see CUS4588, you would immediately identify that as a Customer ID as opposed to a Sales Order ID, which would have a different prefix.

When you're looking at documents created by LOU, you can quickly identify what entity they belong to by looking at this Prefix.

Go to Product Setup / Foundation / Document Prefixes

You can accept the defaults or change the prefixes either to match your previous system or to make sense for your business. To change a prefix, simply click into the Prefix field and change the 3-character prefix.

Click  to see what the unique IDs for that entity will look like.

Audit Log of Record
You can click the  in the lower left corner to see a quick log of when the prefix was created and changed, as well as what user performed the action.

Document IDs
If you need to make changes to the Document IDs, you can quickly jump there from the Document Prefixes by clicking the Document IDs link on the upper left of the screen.