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Understanding Batch Processing - LOU™ - Powered by Evosus


What is Batch Processing and how does it impact performance in LOU? Batch Processing is a general term used for executing frequently used programs or pieces of code within a program with minimal human interaction. By holding data and running processes in groups rather than one-by-one, the software can keep performance up.


Example: Processing transactions in LOU POS. When you’re processing transactions, there are many pieces of data which need to be changed, added, and processed within LOU. Things like Inventory, Customer data, GL, etc. are all affected by a transaction being posted. If LOU ran every process in the software for each change, for each transaction one-by-one, it would take a long time to complete a transaction and begin another transaction. This would be terrible for your customers who want to have a smooth, fast encounter at your registers.


Batch Processing allows us to keep performance up by running these processes in groups, and at different times, with little disruption to users. It’s like carrying all the groceries in the house in one trip because you don’t want to make two. It’s much faster to get inside if you go in one trip.



LOU uses Batch Processing in several different parts of the system, so you may hear this term from time to time.

IMPORTANT! Most of the time you won’t even realize the system is using Batch Processing. If there’s a process you perform in the system which is impacted by Batch Processing, you should see a message indicating that on the process.