Release Notes for POS2.0.3 - LOU® - Powered by Evosus

Release Date: May 3, 2023

LOU are my sunshine, my only sunshine…

New Features
  • Duplicate Receipts for Bill Me Later and Merchant Copy: When Merchant Copies are enabled in Settings, completing a transaction will print two receipts – one for the Customer and one for the Merchant. You can still determine whether to print or email the Customer copy. The merchant receipt also contains a signature line to capture Customer signatures.

Feature Changes and Enhancements
  • Open Cash Drawer Button: Added an Open Cash Drawer Button on the Open/Close POS Station screens and on the Currency Counter page.
  • Customer Name Displays Proper Case: When creating a new Customer, the first letter for the First and Last Names are now automatically capitalized.
  • Receipts Discount Amount: Receipts show the SKU Amount as well as discounted amount. The amount subtotal before tax is also reflected on the discount. Applies to Sales and Return receipts.

Bug Fixes
  • Currency Changes – POS Station: We corrected an issue that caused error with loading POS dashboard when there was an unexpected Over/Under amount on the POS Station.
  • Print Receipt Assigned Personnel User Incorrect: We corrected an issue that caused an incorrect user to print on the receipt.
  • Data Download Issue with LOU Accounting: We corrected an issue that caused a dashboard loading error when setting up LOU Retail POS 2.0 devices for companies using LOU Accounting.
  • Company Name Does Not Display: We corrected an issue so that Company Name will display even if the Customer Name is blank. Also improved Customer Search for Company Name and Display Name.
  • POS Station Bundle Access: We corrected an issue that allowed Users without a Retail Bundle license to log in and perform tasks in LOU Retail POS 2.0, resulting in multiple errors. A paid Retail Bundle license is required to access LOU Retail POS 2.0 to do anything other than Open or Close the POS Station. Users without a Retail Bundle license may Open or Close the Cash Drawer and nothing more.