Release Notes for POS1.23 - LOU® - Powered by Evosus

Release Date: January 18, 2023

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New Features

No new LOU Retail POS Features in this release.

Feature Changes and Enhancements

No LOU Retail POS Changes or Enhancements in this release.

Bug Fixes
  • Duplicate Card Transaction IDs Caused Payment Issues with TSYS: We corrected an issue where the same transaction ID is being used for the same Customer on the same day, different times, when the amount is the same on each transaction. This caused TSYS not to recognize the second transaction even though it’s valid.
  • LOU Web Missing POS Card Transactions: We corrected an issue that prevented some POS Card transactions taken on a PAX machine not to sync correctly over to LOU Web. All POS transactions should sync to LOU Web to ensure receipts and reports are accurate.
  • POS not Displaying Customer Sales History in App: We corrected an issue that caused Customer History not to display correctly in LOU Retail POS. When clearing cache and cookies on PAX, you must go to Data Management and sync Customers. This will restore Customer Sales History.