Release Notes for LOU52

Release Date: March 15 2023

Never gonna give LOU up. Never gonna let LOU down. Never gonna run around and desert LOU.

New Features
  • Inventory Search Page Pt 2: Those great shortcuts on the Inventory Search page are BACK and better forever. Quickly access Vendors, Bins, Transfer, Adjust, and more.
  • LOU Accounting – Vendors: The Vendor Profile has been updated for those clients on LOU Accounting. Expenses, Pay Bills, and Bank Deposits tiles will display on the Vendor Profile when LOU Accounting is live.
  • LOU Accounting – Cheat Sheet: Use the Question Mark icon across various LOU Accounting pages to access a Cheat Sheet that shows how GL Accounts are increased/decreased either as a debit or credit and what the normal balance should be.
  • LOU Accounting – Account Reconciliation: Keep your General Ledger and financial records accurate and in sync with Account Reconciliation. In a nutshell, you’ll be balancing your GL to your actual bank balance.
  • LOU Accounting – Cash Flow Statements: Determine the liquidity and solvency of your business by looking at your cash flow from operating activities, investing activities, and financing activities with Cash Flow Statements.

Feature Changes and Enhancements
  • Group Security – Shortcuts: When adding members to a group, quickly access Update Group Permissions.
  • Copy Recurring Order: You can copy existing REOs that are in Onboarding or Active to a new Customer or the same Customer. IMPORTANT! This will only copy the Profile and Schedule Template boxes, allowing you to fill in the rest of the information about the REO.

Bug Fixes
  • Warehouse Tile – Inventory Replenishment: We corrected an issue with the badge displaying incorrectly on Warehouse Tile – SKUs Reserved Not Available.
  • Unapplied Balance in Payment Profile Text Discrepancy: We corrected an issue that prevented the Update SKU pop-up from closing correctly when the SKU was originally created with Save & Add.
  • Onboarding – SKU Profile – Stock Adjustment – Transfers: Stock Adjustments and Transfers are not permitted during onboarding. A message will display, indicating you cannot proceed until the go-live date.
  • Onboarding – Accounting – Control Accounts Name Missing on Screen: We corrected an issue that prevented onboarding companies from seeing their Control Accounts.
  • My Messages – Reply to Email: We corrected an issue that prevented a reply from being sent to a Customer when their Electronic Message Preference is set to Email Only.
  • Inventory – SKUs: We corrected an issue that caused long SKU names and descriptions to display incorrectly.
  • POS1 Convert to Order – Non-LOU-Accounting: We corrected an issue that prevented Work Orders from being viewed when created through POS1 as a Convert to Order and the client is not live on LOU Accounting.
  • Inventory – SKU Category Selection is Not Retained: We corrected an issue that prevented the SKU Category to remain on a SKU and the Kit SKU to which it belongs.
  • Inventory – Navigating to Kit Questions From Operations: We corrected an issue that caused Operations / Kit Questions to open on the most recently accessed Kit rather than the main Kit Questions screen.
  • Voided Invoice Does Not Appear on Search: We corrected an issue that prevented Voided Invoices from appearing under the Void Invoice Search page as expected.
  • Distribution Methods – Prevent Deactivation when Default: We corrected an issue that allowed you to delete your Default Distribution Method.
  • Distribution Method Changing on POS1 Convert to Order: We corrected an issue that caused the Distribution Method to change when converting to an Order from POS1.
  • Accounting – Printing Checks Error: We corrected an issue that prevented checks from printing when special characters (such as &) were used in the Vendor Name.
  • SKU Mass Update Export Timeout: We corrected an issue caused the Export for SKU Mass Update to occasionally time out.
  • Pending Documents do not show Work Orders in the dropdown: We corrected an issue that prevented Documents from appearing in the Pending Documents page when the Drop Ship Feature was being used.
  • Routes Not Populating Within Task: We corrected an issue that prevented Routes from populating on Tasks.
  • Accounting Code Missing from GL Search when Enabled: We corrected an issue that prevented Account Codes from displaying on the GL correctly when Prefixes were being used.
  • Checklist not loading in LOU Schedule Mobile App: We corrected an issue that caused the name of the Checklist, but not the actual Checklist, to display in the LOU Schedule Mobile App.
  • Invoice Status – Voided Invoices Missing Status: We corrected an issue that caused Voided Invoices not to show the VOID Status.
  • Vehicles and Assets Create Duplicate Tasks: We corrected an issue that caused multiple Vehicle and Asset assignments to create multiple Tasks instead of a single Task.
  • LOUs Reports – Payments and Voids Show Incorrect Amounts: We corrected an issue so that LOUs Reports Payment Transaction Amounts correctly match the GL Posting, Payment Profile, and Payment Tile Reports.
  • Incorrect Customer Balance: We corrected an issue that caused an Unapplied Payment to create a credit on the Customer Account.
  • Empty Task when Closing or Cancelling Create Task: We corrected an issue that caused an Empty Task to be created when you click the Create Task pop-up and then Cancel out or use the X to close out.
  • Invoices – Pending Error Message and Profile Info Missing: We corrected an issue that caused an Error Message on Pending Invoices opened with information missing in the Profile box.
  • Purchase Order – Create: We corrected an issue that caused Expected and Confirmed Dates for Today or in the future to give an error.
  • QuickBooks Online Integration: We corrected an error message for clarity. When there are accounts unmapped to QuickBooks Online, the message will indicate there are unmapped accounts without giving a number that includes inactive accounts.
  • Customer IDs: We corrected an issue that caused imported Customers to have duplicate IDs.
  • Make Deposit – Tax: We corrected an issue that prevented Taxes from displaying correctly when selecting Make Deposit from the Outcome box at the top of documents.