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Release Notes for LOU5.1

Release Notes for LOU5.1 - LOU™ - Powered by Evosus



Release Date: March 4, 2020


This is a patch release. No new features are included.



New Features


N/A for Patch Releases


Bug Fixes


·         Serial Numbers: An error prevented duplicate serial numbers from being entered on different SKUs. This has been corrected. Serial Numbers are unique within a single SKU, but not across all SKUs. Example: SKU 1234 has an S/N of A1234. This can only be true for a single quantity of SKU 1234. SKU 5678 also has an S/N of A1234. This is allowed.

·         Trade, Kit, Non-Inventory, and Labor SKUs remain Invoiced when Invoice Voided: There was an issue where certain SKU Types were not “resetting” as open on a Work or Sales Order after an associated Invoice was voided. This has been corrected. When you void an Invoice, the Sales Order or Work Order will re-open fully and allow edits and changes, including re-invoicing.

·         Sales Document Total Does Not Include Sales Tax: There was an issue preventing Sales Tax from displaying on a Sales Order document. This has been corrected.

·         SKU/Vendor Relationship Broken in PO: There was an issue preventing SKUs from being added to POs when there wasn’t a previously established Vendor Relationship. LOU should see there is no established relationship and ask to create one. This has been corrected.

·         Invoice Total Doubles Tax Amount: There was an issue where the Invoice Total was doubling tax. This has been corrected and now calculates accurate amounts.

·         LOU Web Partial Credit Card Authorization: There was an error where LOU Web credit card transactions would accept the amount money available on the card despite a decline. Example: Transaction run for $1000 on a card with $700 available balance. LOU was taking the $700 and declining the transaction. This has been corrected. If the full amount is unavailable, the entire transaction will decline. No partial payments.

·         Cannot Select a Route when Creating a Task: There was an error that prevented Route Selection while creating a Task when the address falls within multiple routes. This has been corrected. You are able to select the Route during Task creation appropriately.

·         Beginning Balance Inventory Spreadsheet not Catching Blank Cell Values: The import now stops and prompts the user the spreadsheet has blank values.