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Release Notes for LOU27

Release Date: April 7, 2021

Did you see that?! A giant bunny in a bowtie just dropped a bunch of LOU eggs for us!

New Features
  • Customer Alerts: We’ve released the first part of a feature called Customer Alerts. You may see some Alert buttons and feature items throughout LOU. More details and the full feature will be in LOU28. Documentation coming soon!
  • Reporting Dashboard: We’ve improved the LOUs Reports page to include Search and Filter options, allowing you to quickly find a report and sort alphabetically.
  • Customer Communication Preferences: We’ve added additional preferences and options to the Customer Profile for Customer Communication Preferences.
  • FIFO Log: We’ve added functionality to the FIFO Log to create GL financial transactions when a quantity on hand in negative is increased to positive. The negative quantities that are recovered back to zero will be written off to COGS and they will not count as Inventory Assets.
  • Universal Messaging: We’ve added additional behind the scenes management for Messages and Personnel Messages notifications.

Feature Changes and Enhancements
  • Recurring Orders More Options: The navigation tiles across the top of the Recurring Orders page are getting crowded. To maintain ease of navigation, we’ve created the More Options button at the top of the Recurring Orders Search page. When you click More Options, you’ll see links to Mass Invoice, Mass Pay, Review & Invoice, Product Setup / Service.

Bug Fixes
  • SKUs – Default Vendor Cost: We corrected an issue where the default Vendor Cost didn’t update in real time while updating the SKU for Vendor Cost.
  • Documents – Taking Deposit: We corrected an issue where you were taken back to the Main Dashboard upon completing a Deposit transaction instead of being returned to the Document Profile.
  • Documents – Invoices: We corrected an issue in the Invoice box of a Sales Order that caused the Total to display as zero even when Invoices with a Total exist.
  • Manual Purchase Order Receipts: We corrected an issue that prevented manually created PO Receipts from being voided when necessary. These are Manual Receipts created when receiving inventory without a Purchase Order.
  • GL – COGS Posting for Returns: We corrected an issue that caused the COGS GL account to record incorrectly on Return transactions when the Default Vendor’s UOM is greater than Each and the Sell By UOM is Each.
  • Customer Profile – Card on File icon: We made a slight adjustment to the position of the credit card icon for Card on File in the Customer Profile.
  • Customer Facing Notes on Customer Document Links: We corrected an issue that caused Customer Facing Notes not to appear on the Customer Document links.
  • Default Bins: We corrected an issue that prevented Inventory from being correctly pulled from the Default Bins.
  • Beginning Balances – Inventory Valuation (Onboarding): We corrected an issue that caused a validation discrepancy between Sell By UOM and Purchase By UOM when they are edited after creating an Inventory Valuation Beginning Balance.
  • Accounting Dashboard: We corrected an issue on the Accounting Dashboard where “receipts” was misspelled.
  • Sign Up for LOU: We corrected an issue that caused the signup email to become corrupt when the user refreshed or closed the browser on the payment processing page.
  • GL Postings Negative QOH Invoices: We corrected an issue that caused SKUs with a negative QOH to post to the GL with a zero dollar cost. The new process (mentioned above) around FIFO Log Negatives helps correct this.
  • SKUs Returned to Inventory with Wrong Cost: We corrected an issue that caused Return Invoices to post Purchase By cost to the GL instead of the Sell By cost.
  • Invoice Link on Customer Document links: We corrected an issue that made electronic Invoices unviewable when accessed from the Customer Document links on mobile and non-Chrome browsers. When the Customer clicked the View button on the Invoice, it incorrectly took them to a Sign In page.