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Release Notes for LOU23

Release Date: January 25, 2021

Happy LOU Year!!!! This is our first release of 2021, the Year of LOU. 

New Features
  • Accounting Dashboard -- Invoice: We added Financial Postings to the Accounting Dashboard so you can quickly see the GL Postings that result from each Transaction.
  • Accounting Dashboard – Payments: We added the Financial Postings link to the Payment Screen in the Accounting Dashboard to allow the same quick view of GL Postings which result from a Payment/Transaction.
  • Accounting Dashboard – Inventory: We added a direct link to the Inventory Valuation Report and Purchase Receipts.
  • Audit Log: We created an Audit Log Search. An Admin can see valuable information on who/what/when a process voided an exported GL Batch.
  • Purchase Orders – Customer Notifications: We have added direct access to Customer documents from the Purchase Order Profile, allowing you to quickly see documents that contain SKUs ordered through that PO.
  • Print Customer Documents: We added the ability for Customers to print their digital documents when you email or text them through LOU.

Feature Changes and Enhancements
  • Customer Links – SKU Section: Some Customers don’t realize they can scroll the SKU section of the documents you text/email them, so we have enhanced that section of Customer documents to show a full list of SKUs instead of a box in which you have to scroll.

Bug Fixes
  • Sign Up Process: We did some work to make the Sign Up process more reliable. This only affects Evosus Customers signing up for LOU for the first time. If you already have a company on LOU, you are unaffected by this.
  • Sign Up Process – Company Address: We corrected an issue where a new company’s address was missing from the account after sign-up. This issue only affected new Evosus Customers signing up for LOU.
  • Payments – Payment Methods: We corrected an issue where a Payment Method didn’t properly clear if you selected one method, then changed to select a different method. The original method was remaining on the completed documents.
  • Payments – Deposits: We corrected an issue where the Deposit Payment ID was incremented by two from the previous Payment ID instead of just one.
  • Payments – Combo Box: We corrected an issue where the Combo Box was not correctly displaying filtered values if there are Child Customers associated.
  • Promote Estimate – Document Description: We fixed an issue where an estimate promoted to a Work or Sales Order didn’t maintain the document description and, instead, displayed “No SKUs”.
  • Customer Documents – Balance Due: We corrected an issue where the Balance Due didn’t update after the Customer entered a Payment online through the Customer Document’s Make Payment button.
  • Import Files: We corrected an issue where the imported files disappeared from the Data Import screen before the 90-day expiration date.
  • Invite Users: We corrected an issue where the user’s link would be expired immediately, instead of after 72 hours.
  • Document Search: We corrected an issue across all Document Search screens where the Create Date was updated to “today” whenever the document was viewed.
  • User Permissions Update Tasks: We corrected an issue where updates to a Task that were attempted by a User who doesn’t have permissions/bundle access to make those updates were remaining even though LOU correctly displayed a message to the User that they do not have permissions to make those updates.
  • User Permissions Add Task: We corrected an issue that allowed Users who do not have Bundle/Permission access to create Tasks to add new Tasks anyway.
  • POS Sales Tax GL Postings: We corrected an issue where POS transactions processed without Sales Tax while in Offline mode were still resulting in Sales Tax GL Postings, causing imbalances.
  • Payment Term Discounts: We corrected an issue where Payment Term discounts were not correctly populated when you create the Payment through the Payment Tile instead of through an Order. *Payment Term discounts should correctly populate no matter how you create the Payment.